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    • Practice Day - Open to all formulas with the exception of BriSCA F1 & V8 Stock Cars

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Latest Results

  • Sunday 03 February

    Sunday 03 February

    1500cc Bangers: 830 Lee White. Overall team points winner: Team Mates "A", Entertainer Team: Predators "A"

    Updated: 09 Feb 2019 23:55

  • Sunday 20 January

    Sunday 20 January

    Unlimited Banger: 907 Cameron Bradford, Micro Bangers: 308 Kevin Baxter, Junior Bangers: 999 Louie Cottrill

    Updated: 23 Jan 2019 21:20

  • Next Meetings

    • Sunday 24 February - 11am
    • Practice Day - Open to all formulas with the exception of BriSCA F1 & V8 Stock Cars
    • Saturday 02 March - 17:30
    • F2 Stock Cars, 2L Stock Car Clive Grief Memorial & 1300cc Stock Cars Clive Grief Memorial
    • Saturday 16 March - 17:00
    • 1500cc Bangers, 2L Bangers, Junior Bangers & 1300 Stock Cars
    • Saturday 30 March - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars, 2L Stock Cars & BriSCA MiniStox

Latest Points

Back to the Old Skool Part 2

2 Litre Wheel Drive - Unders & Overs

Since the 2 Litre rear wheel drive specification was issued for our meeting on the Sunday of the Saloon Stock Car World Championship weekend, we have received plenty of enquiries from drivers who have something in stock that was listed as not permitted to race at the meeting.  This news has been welcomed by drivers with a rusty Sierra or Marina and the bad news for those drivers with something larger is that we are not changing our minds.  The meeting will still be run to the original specification.  Drivers with slightly less common cars not listed in either column of the original specification are still invited to enquire whether that car can be raced or not – and we will add any extras to the list so that everybody can see exactly what’s going on.


However, we don’t get voted as Banger promoter of the year without listening to drivers and so we have decided that our third formula for the Sunday is going to be – 2 Litre Rear Wheel Drive Bangers in the upper section of the ORCi National Banger middle weight range (with some exceptions).  That’s right, two classes of 2 Litre rear wheel drive Bangers that will be run completely separately from start to finish on the day.  The upper class is intended for those cars which were occasionally used in Unlimited Bangers but were either never really much good or no longer any good in the current era.  So cars still routinely used in Unlimited Bangers are still excluded.


The underlying rules on which this class is based are as follows:


·        All cars to be pre 1990 models

·        All cars must have had an engine option of 2 litre or less in the UK market

·        2 Litre engines with 6 cylinders will be permitted in this class if original to the car

·        16 or 24 valve engines will only be permitted if original to the car

·        Engine swaps must use the Ford pinto or crossflow engine range or Volvo 8 valve. Cars marked with an asterisk (*) in the list below will only be permitted to run with either the original engine or a 1300 or 1600 crossflow as an alternative.  No pintos may be used in these cars


As with the smaller class, we present below a table of the more commonly encountered cars that will or won’t be allowed.  Drivers with anything else that they think may be suitable should check with the promotion on 01553 771111 or trackstar@norfolkarena.co.uk

Cars Permitted to Race

In smaller class


A60 / Oxford / Riley 4/72, etc (*)

BMW 3-series (E21/E30 only)

Datsun 160B / 180B

Datsun Bluebird 910

Ford Capri (Mk1-Mk3)

Ford Cortina (Mk1-Mk5)

Ford Sierra / Sapphire

FSO Polonez

Hyundai Stellar

Lada Riva

Mazda 626

Mitsubishi (Colt) Sapporo

Mitsubishi (Colt) Sigma

Morris Marina / Ital

Nissan 200SX (S13)

Nissan Silvia

Opel Manta

Porsche 924

Rover P6 (*)

Toyota Carina

Toyota Celica

Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1

Volvo 340 / 360

Cars Permitted to Race

In larger class


BMW 5-series E28

BMW 5-series E34

Datsun 200L

Ford Granada Mk3

Mazda 929

Mercedes 190E (W201)

Mercedes W124

Nissan Laurel (C31)

Peugeot 504

Peugeot 505

Rover P6 (with pinto fitted)

Rover SD1

Toyota Cressida

Triumph 2000

Vauxhall Carlton

Volvo Amazon


Cars not permitted to race

Ford Granada Mk1-Mk2

Ford Scorpio

All other Mercedes models

Nissan Maxima / QX

Toyota Celica Supra

Volvo 144/145

Volvo 2-series

Volvo 7-series

Volvo 9-series


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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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