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Trackstar Racing | News | Behind the Scenes - Maggie and Mick Ivatt

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    Saturday 14 March

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    Saturday 29 February

    F2 Stock Cars: 55 Courtney Finnikin. 2L Saloons: 26 Tommy Barnes. 1300 Stock Cars: 682 Paul Sparrow

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Behind the Scenes - Maggie and Mick Ivatt

Behind the Scenes: Maggie and Mick Ivatt


Ready to greet the next race team

The Ivatt family aren’t just a three generation racing dynasty in East Anglia, Maggie and Mick Ivatt are a huge part of Team Trackstar and have been involved in many aspects of racing life. Here we have a Q & A feature; Behind the Scenes with The Ivatts.  


How long have you been involved in Stock Cars and how did you get involved?

We started in 1972 following the local Crowland Jackdaws and Martin Brand.  David and Lee were babies at the time, David 3 years old and Lee 6 months.


The Ivatts have been a huge part of the oval scene in EA, on and off track:

David started racing bangers at Boston in 1988 and that's when Mick thought ‘right I will have a go’.  Then it went on to Lee racing and also myself, in lady bangers for a year at Boston, so in 1988 we were all racing! Then I started working the turnstiles and went on to signing drivers in & also helping to cash up. Mick got involved working when he broke his foot & he used to go on a Wednesday advertising round Skegness before the night meeting.

101070784_611090436163108_1367806273273200640_n Maggie 1

Racing has always been a family thing for the Ivatts


And with Ricky and now Lewis racing, no signs of slowing down and taking it easy?

No intention of taking it easy… not yet!


Drivers will know you as one of the first people they see at the gate, but you do many jobs for TSR, could you talk us through your average race day?

Yes we love doing the pit gate, some of the drivers now were only babies when I started working, so I always look at them as 1 big family. Then my job is going to help Graham cash up, go get results and then pay drivers out at the end of the night. Mick as soon as the meeting starts, he goes off to do the tractor driving, flag Marshall and clerk of the course; so there is not a dull minute! We are usually 1st there and last to leave (lol), but we both love every minute.


What was your favourite meeting at King’s Lynn last year?

Well to be honest I can't say I have a favourite meeting as I don't really see much of the racing! Mick said though his favourite was F1 World Final . . . come on 515 (lol).


Favourite meeting ever?

Micks favourite ever meeting was the Axetinction for 401 Pyscho with plenty of action. Me; I like all 2litre Saloon meetings.


What’s your favourite formula to watch?

Like all formulas, but best is 2litre Saloons.


What have you been doing during lockdown? Missing racing?

Definitely missing the racing, been keeping busy giving the house a spring clean and keeping Mick out of my way. Mick had a few days sorting the yard and shed out ready for when racing starts.


Away from the track, what do you enjoy doing?

I like to go out for meals and enjoy the country side. Mick likes to go to car boots, as many as possible! (lol)


If you could change one thing in the sport, what would you do?

Can't think of anything, as long as everything stays safe for everyone


Mick, a legend of EA Ovals and travelled the Country too, what was your favourite track to race and the best car you had?

Favourite track to race on was Swaffham and Arena Essex for tarmac, but Kings Lynn for shale. The best car was a Mk1 Granada Coupe, when I won a heat at Sheffield in a banger on hand throttle!

1501253_10200844928924987_1701052664_oChris Jacklin

Mick had quite a career racing EA and away. . . (Photographers unknown)


Most memorable racing moment?

Winning both the British and European at Swaffham stands out.


You have a go once a year at the Charity Big Van Banger day, do you still get a buzz?

Yes, still get a buzz, it's great when the adrenaline hits you!


DI Photo

. . .And still enjoying his annual Big Van Banger outing!


With thanks to Maggie and Mick for their time with this and good to hear no intention of taking it easy.

We would also like to add our massive thanks to them both for such great service and loyalty. We massively appreciate everything they do rain or shine they are always there. Not only an asset to the team and they have become great friends and family friends.



Maggie showing the boys how it's done!


55 Matt Bull77 Ross Willows Pic

With Ricky and Lewis racing, no signs of slowing down! (Matt Bull and Ross Willows Photo)





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