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Trackstar Racing | News | King's Lynn Banger Pre-1975 event 2020 - update

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  • Saturday 01 August

    Saturday 01 August

    Unlimited Bangers: 617 Jack Overy and 1300 Stock Cars: 302 Jack Smith

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  • Saturday 14 March

    Saturday 14 March

    1500cc Bangers: 12 Troy Cobbett, 2 Litre Bangers: 51 James Licquorice, Junior Bangers: 310 Harvey Latkowski and 1300 Stock Cars: 302 Jack Smith

    Updated: 15 Mar 2020 19:31

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    • Saturday 08 August - 17:00
    • Pre75 Bangers, Unders and Overs + 2L Bangers
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King's Lynn Banger Pre-1975 event 2020 - update

- upated for new/rearranged date, bookings now open.


King’s Lynn Pre ’75 in 2020

We recently announced the details of the Pre ’75 Banger meeting at King’s Lynn on Saturday 8th August.  At the time of the announcement, we knew that the inclusion of modern engines at the meeting would be a contentious point, but the amount of feedback has gone far beyond what was expected.  We have listened to what has been said and agree with many of the comments made and as a result of this we have revised the engine specs for the meeting.  The new specs follow and drivers are assured that the meeting will go ahead to these rules so that they can build with confidence.  There will not be a return to multi-valve engines.  We apologise to those drivers that no longer have an older engine at their disposal who will now potentially have to miss this meeting.


Meeting Details

The meeting will have two classes on the day being under and over 2 Litre although some of the larger unders cars will have to run in the overs class if fitted with certain engines as detailed below.  Heats will be run to nudge and spin rules with the Finals, All Comers (cars permitting) & Destruction Derbies then becoming full contact.



In the unders class:

- Original engines always OK

- Engine swaps to Ford engines only – Kent / Crossflow / Pinto up to 2 litre.

- Regardless of what Ford engine you are using for an engine swap, it cannot be of a larger capacity than originally fitted to the car you are using

- Original 2200cc engines will be allowed in Austin Princess (Wedge), Austin / Morris 2200 (or Wolseley equivalents) and Rover P6


In the overs class:

- Original engines always OK

- Engine swaps are permitted but no multi-valve engines.  We expect that most people will use a Ford Pinto or Cologne V6 (or Essex V6!) but other age-related options may be allowed – please check with the promotion.  Note that the Quad-cam Cosworth version of the V6 is not permitted.

- The engine you use must still be no larger than the original


The Cars

And now the important bit – some ideas of what can be used at this meeting.  Firstly, all cars should be built to National Banger rules (taking into consideration the restrictions on engines above).  The table below is not an exhaustive list of anything and everything you can use at this meeting but is a good guide to what cars fit into which class for the more commonly encountered models.  We are actively seeking to encourage some smaller cars than we used to see at King’s Lynn classic car meetings and in support of this, some of the largest cars that have been allowed in unders meetings at Trackstar in the past have migrated to the overs class.




Austin:  1100, 1300, 1800, Allegro, Cambridge, Maxi, Princess (Wedge)

BMW:  1502, 1602, 2002, E21 3-series, E12 5-series

Datsun: 140J/160J (710 series), 160B/180B (610 series),

Ford:  Capri (Mk1-2 only), Corsair, Cortina (Mk1-3), Escort (Mk1-2)

Hillman:  Avenger, Hunter, Minx, Super Minx

Humber:  Sceptre

MG:  Magnette (all)

Morris:  1800, Marina, MO, Oxford

Peugeot:  404

Riley:  4/68, 4/72

Rover:  P6**

Saab:  99

Sunbeam:  Rapier

Triumph:  1500, 2000**, Dolomite, Stag

Vauxhall:  Cavalier Mk1, Firenza, Magnum, Victor (FA-FD), Victor FE**, Viva (HA-HC),

Volvo:  144**, 145**

Wolseley:  1500, 15/60, 16/60, 18/85




Austin:  3 Litre, FX4 Taxi, Princess (A110/A125/A135), Princess 3 Litre, Princess 4 Litre R, Westminster

Daimler:  DS420, Majestic Major

Datsun:  240C/260C/280C (330 series or earlier)

Ford:  Granada Mk1, Zephyr, Zodiac

Humber:  Hawk, Pullman, Super Snipe

Jaguar:  420, 420G, Mk1-2, Mk7-10, S-type, XJ Series 1-2 (incl. Coupe), XJ-S (Series 1)

Mercedes:  W110, W114, W115, W123

Rolls Royce:  Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow

Rover:  P4, P5

Toyota:  Crown (S100 series or earlier)

Vauxhall:  Cresta

Volvo:  164, 244, 245 (see note below)

Wolseley:  6/99, 6/110


Cars marked ** in the unders class will only be allowed to race in the unders on the original engine or a maximum 1600cc replacement engine.  If using a 2 litre pinto, then the car will be moved to the overs class.  Of course, there is no reason why you can’t use an original Triumph 2500 or V8 Rover P6 in the overs class – you are not restricted to 2 Litre.

Volvo note: Only genuine 1970s Volvo 244 and 245 are permitted to race at this meeting in the overs class.  The meeting is not open to Volvo 240, 260, 264, etc from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Anybody wishing to check any cars not on this list (highly recommended) can use the usual Trackstar numbers and email addresses available on our website.  We will add cars that are accepted to race at the meeting to the online versions of this list on a regular basis although if something very rare comes up then we may keep this under wraps!!


Meeting Format

Unders:  Heats will be run to nudge and spin rules with no heavy hitting.  Cars in the unders will be split into two groups with smaller cars on original engines in one group and larger cars in the second group which will include 2 litre Fords.  Each group will have heat races of their own but we expect that the Final and Destruction Derby will then be merged as one race for all unders (unless car numbers permit otherwise).


Overs: We expect that the overs class will have three all-in races and Destruction Derby.  Heats will be nudge and spin and the Final and Destruction Derby will be full National rules.


Enquiries and Bookings

We are open for enquiries about car eligibility, engines, etc. immediately and will remain so until the day of the meeting.

Bookings are now open - limited spaces remaining - by messaging us on 07939 580652When booking in, please send a photo of the car, confirm Unders or Overs category along with Make/Model and engine. Please also send full name, race number and a contact phone number. You will also be asked about your pit crew details. Thank you.



Daimler DB18

We have been approached by more than one driver considering racing a Daimler DB18.  The proposed running gear amongst them was significantly different.  Having considered the requests, we will only permit this type of car in the overs class in view of their size and the original engine capacity.  As a general point of principle for this meeting, we will not accept any types of car in the unders class which were not originally supplied with at least one engine option of 2 litres or less.  The original engine size of the Daimler DB18 was 2.5 litres and therefore suggestions of an appropriate engine to use would be 2 litre Pinto, Volvo SOHC engine from the B18 to B23 series range and Triumph straight six of 2.0 or 2.5 litre capacities.  The Ford 2.3 V6 Cologne engine would also be allowed but the style of car probably lends itself to an engine with in-line cylinders.  Engines larger than 2.5 litres will not be accepted in this type of car, as increases in engine capacity are not allowed.  We have already turned down requests to use Jaguar engines in FX4 taxis for example, and we are committed to being fair and consistent to everybody in respect of engine choices.



Lada Riva / Later Models Very Similar to Pre ’75 cars

Enquiries have been received concerning the use of the Lada Riva at the pre ‘75 meeting. The Riva was first made in 1980 and does not fall in the age range in the rules. The promotion has considered that the Riva from 1980 onwards has very few changes from earlier Lada models and is essentially the same car. However, there are other makes and models where post 1975 models were also barely changed from earlier versions. We have listened to concerns from drivers that allowing very similar later models to be raced at the meeting may result in a greater number of ‘solid’ cars attending the meeting which could influence drivers’ decisions to not race in the Final. Clearly there will be some drivers that find older cars with surprisingly little rot, but that is the luck of the draw. In keeping with the spirit of the meeting, only versions first made in 1975 or earlier will be accepted to race. In the case of the Lada, this means the Lada 1200, 1300 and 1500 models, if there are still any out there!



Jaguar Engines

The use of Jaguar engines as swaps in the overs class has been queried.  This will be permitted in cars where the size of the Jaguar engine to be used does not exceed the capacity of the largest engine originally offered in the UK market for the type of car being raced.  The use of Jaguar XJ40 engines in particular has been enquired about.  The only engine permitted from the XJ40 range will be the 2.9 litre single-cam version available until 1990.  The DOHC versions of the Jaguar AJ6 engine first appeared in 1983 (3.6 litre) and were fitted with 4-valve heads.  As a general principle in the overs class, we are not insisting that all engines to be used had to be in production by 1975.  However, there is a maximum of 2 valves per cylinder as per the previous rules announcement.  Multi-valve engines will only be allowed where original to the car being raced.



American Cars

Enquiries have been received concerning American cars in the overs class. To clarify, American-made vehicles will be permitted in the overs class and will be subject to the same age criteria as any other car. However, the promotion does reserve the right not to accept cars which are so large as to have an adverse effect on the spirit and nature of the meeting; therefore drivers are encouraged to check first.



Series 2 Jaguar XJ-S

In revising the eligible car list from the first to second published version, it has also been pointed out that the Series 2 Jaguar XJ-S (1981 onwards) was not removed from the list. This is a mistake and only the Series 1 XJ-S is eligible for the meeting. We apologise for this error.




537 mh



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