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Trackstar Racing | News | Mon 22 April (1pm) Preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 13 July

    Saturday 13 July

    2L RWD Bangers Final: 22 Dave Vincent. Micro Bangers Final: 757 Callum Gill. 1300 Stock Cars Final: 23 Lee Pearce. Junior Bangers Final: 267 Archie Fryatt.

    Updated: 14 Jul 2019 23:35

  • Saturday 22 June

    Saturday 22 June

    Banger All D.D. Night. 2 Litre Saloon Stock Car Final: 116 Diggy Smith

    Updated: 27 Jun 2019 23:16

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    • Saturday 27 July - 17:00
    • Trackstar Mafia v Mildenhall Fen Tigers III
    • Saturday 03 August - 17:00
    • 1300 Stock Car World Final & Steve Newman Memorial, 2L Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial & 1500cc Ban
    • Saturday 17 August - 17:30
    • All Volvo & Mk 1, Mk2 & Mk3 Granadas & 1300 Stock Car
    • Monday 26 August -

Latest Points

Mon 22 April (1pm) Preview




Micro Banger Crazy Races

4x4 SUV Bangers

Siamese Bangers

Reliant Robins

Roll of Honour

Funfair Rides


Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format




Rounding out the Easter weekend at the Adrian Flux King's Lynn arena is our hugely popular and entertaining Wacky Races day! Thrills and spills all the way on Bank Holiday Monday 22nd April @ 1pm - 4x4 SUV Bangers, Micro Banger Crazy Races, Reliant Robins & Siamese Bangers.

The spectator gates will open at 11am. The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under-cover viewing too!), FREE on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue.

There are currently 43 Micro Bangers, 17 4x4 SUV Bangers, 13 Siamese Bangers and 18 Reliant Robins booked in to race.  

If you are booked in and are no longer able to race please let us know asap. If you are not booked in and would like to race please book in asap by texting 07939 580652. Drivers turning up not booked in to race will not receive complimentary admissions which they may be entitled to.

Drivers please note that the pits open at 10am and your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. Please note you will not be able to save space in the pits and if you want to park with someone please make sure you turn up with them. Only race transporters will be allowed in the pits


Micro Banger Crazy Races

The Micro bangers are a fans favourite, they might be small cars, but the action and entertainment is anything but small; they are always brilliant around King’s Lynn.


Micro Banger races see plenty of wrecked cars and action packed races 


The action will even go up a notch to normal with the annual Crazy Races which will include some themes races including a Le Mans Start against the wall, a Spin and Start and a Spin the Leader as some of the themed races. The crazy races are great fun and the drivers love them too as something different to the norm! 



Will 51 James Licquorice get into the Wacky races theme be trying to make his car fly once again!

Expect big hits from the likes of Team Allsorts with James (51) and Jack (511) Licquorice. Jon Bailey (247) is another who is usually in the mix as is Kieran Bowman (178) and Taylor Sowter (388). Bowman and Sowter having a busy day racing in the 4X4 Bangers too! Likewise for National Points Champion Lee White (830) who is also doubling up. 


247 511

Expect 247 Jon Bailey and 511 Jack Licquorice to be heavily involved in the action


Big action and big hits we’re sure for the Micros; they do not disapoint - non stop action all the way.  The Micro Bangers are also racing for the Commentator's Cup which goes to the highest points scorer on the day and is sponsored by the Oxby family. This will be the thid formula this has been contested in having been raced for in 2L and 1500cc Bangers in the past.


69 821 dw

Big hits are part and parcel of a Micro Banger race


4x4 SUV Bangers

The 4x4s make their only appearance of the year and will provide a unique take on banger racing; you don't need a lot of them for some heavy action - these are big brutes that take a lot of stopping! 



4x4 SUV Banger events are action packed affairs

As these machines are only raced once a year, drivers tend to want to destroy them and with a line up big entertainers bringing one – that’s likely to be the case!


Get ready for the big machines to dish out some big hits!

Local favourite Nicky Young (791) is sure to wow the fans, as will the likes of Chris Shipp (170) and Aiden Storr (851) who are all hugely entertaining racers. Lee Barnes (41) and Lee Horwood (441) drivers who are always interested in a crash and usually take home wrecked cars.


Expect crowd favorites 170 Chris Shipp and  791 Nicky Young to be heavily involved in the action



Siamese Bangers

These double-decker machines also make their only appearance of the year at King’s Lynn; only one other tack offers this form of racing - it's certainly quite a unique exerpience.  In each pair, one driver will be in a mid sized range or above; this car will have ownership of the pedals; whilst the second driver will be above in the smaller car, where they will control the steering. 

The Siamese Bangers produce some excellent entertainment as the drivers work out a method of racing; either they will really have to know their team member or just go with it and hope for the best!  



Siamese Bangers provide crazy action with the top driver controlling the steering and the bottom driver controlling the accellerator and brake



A Siamese Banger head in is certainly spectacular!


The entry of Siamese drivers this year has increased on last year and will certainly be an interesting set of races! The list of drivers include some of the best drivers from the King's Lynn banger scene too; it's going to be a great afternoon for this class. 



A Siamese banger is raised back onto its wheels after toppling over! 


Reliant Robins

The three-wheelers are sure to delight the crowd, - when these cars roll - they roll big! Multiple rollovers and shedding the fibreglass shells along the way. 


Keeping a Reliant Robin on three wheels is hard work!


Staying on all three wheels and staying in tact is a challenge!



Formation Reliant Robin rollover

The field includes world champion Daniel Douglas (553) as well as several more top drivers including National Points Champion Roy Gedge (385) and former World of Shale Champion James Ellis (85). It will be a hugely competitve afternoon of action for the three wheelers. 


553 385 dw (5)

385 Roy Gedge and 553 Daniel Douglas will be hoping they dont crash out like this!


Roll of Honour

Commentators Cup (Bangerstox/1600/1500 Bangers to 2008 and from 2018; Two-Litre Bangers 2009-17)

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
2004 King's Lynn 128 Andrew Lack
2005 King's Lynn 27 Steve McMillan
2006 King's Lynn 431 Shaun Abra
2007 King's Lynn 999 Shane Cottrill
2008 King's Lynn 88 Ashley Burton
2009 King's Lynn 450 Glyn Platts
2010 King's Lynn 349 Michael Allard 415 Scott Cornish 85 James Ellis
2011 King's Lynn 673 Darren Fendley
2012 King's Lynn 603 Jon Cooper 337 Ashley Garrod 338 Terry Garrod
2013 King's Lynn 83 Bobby Wilmer 119 Davey Cox 337 Ashley Garrod
2014 King's Lynn 307 Jon-Joe Cunningham 515 Gareth Flatters 390 David Gibson
2015 King's Lynn 912 Kieran Greenway 673 Darren Fendley 404 Luke Brinton
2016 King's Lynn 701 Kevin Cooper 830 Lee White (three-way tie)
2017 King's Lynn 338 Terry Garrod 367 Tom Keep 178 Kieran Bowman
2018 King's Lynn 322 Tom Fox 175 Karl Corsby 551 Brett Jackson



Funfair Rides

All the fun of the fair will be at King's Lynn on Saturday. The good news for mum and dad is that the rides will be free for the kids to go on as often as they like! Once we have confirmation of what ride will be with us on Saturday we will publish details of it here!

fun house 


On the day admission is as follows  at the Box Office, which accepts cash and card payments;

Adult - £17

OAP - £14

12-15 year old - £7

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & 2 12 - 15 year olds) - £44

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended


Drivers Booked in to Race


Micro Bangers

National Points Champion - Silver Roof

830 Lee White Saffron Walden Sponsored by C W Fabrications



337 Ashley Garrod

757 Callum Gill King’s Lynn


Star Grade - Red Roof

175 Karl Corsby Newmarket Sposnored by C W Diesel Tech

340 Wes Freestone King’s Lynn


A Grade - Blue Roof

191 Kieran "Corey" Greenway Stansted

248 Jamie Blything Norwich

342 Ryley Freestone King’s Lynn Sponsored by Freestone Engineering

352 Ben Mynott St Neots

634 Ben Green King’s Lynn


B Grade - Yellow Roof

77 Russell Gill King's Lynn

143 Aaron Mann Brandon

178 Kieran Bowman King’s Lynn Sponsored by The Tyre Bay 01553 771630

247 Jon Bailey March Sponsored by Pepper Printing, Beak UK & Jacksons Transport

388 Taylor Sowter Horley

551 Brett Jackson Peterborough



C Grade - White Roof

28 Mac Bell

51 James Licquorice Wisbech Sponsored by Crowsons Motors 01945 589777

75 Ashley Steward Kettering

87 Damien Matthews Bury St Edmunds Sponsored by This and That Crane Hire

118 Simon Avis Saffron Waldon

132 Robert “Bobbles” James Cambridge

136 Mark Simpson Sudbury

165 Ben Randall Great Yarmouth Sponsored by S Randell Recovery Services and K&A Cars

181 Craig Allen Rotherham

244 Lewis Canham

248 Nick Ashbridge Louth 

249 Jonathan Ashbridge Louth

293 Harry Cole Crowland

308 Kevin "Twinkle Toes" Baxter - Luton

334 Josh Stewart Sudbury

339 Olly Scott Brandon

341 Danny Brind Sudbury

364 Dave Allen Rotherham

412 Callum Lacey Milton Keynes

444 Charlie "Chaz" Jackson - Tonbridge - Sponsored by Scrapco Metal Recycling

511 Jack Licquorice Wisbech

664 Ryan Sutcliffe Peterborough

699 Aaron Nelson

808 Fabian "Fablaa" Leathers-Ashley – Lakenheath

855 Callum Taylor Lincoln

904 Reece Crane Crowland

974 Alistair Oxby Leicester


4x4 Bangers

National Points Champion - Silver Roof

830 Lee White Saffron Walden Sponsored by C W Fabrications



A Grade - Blue Roof

170 Chris Shipp Ugley Sponsored by C S Transport – 07952 5595411 & Marfab Welding – 01279 810830

791 Nicky Young Wisbech Sponsored by Wisbech Export Ltd

851 Adam Storr Lincoln


B Grade - Yellow Roof

128 Andrew Shipp Ugley Sponsored by Marfab Welding – 01279 810830 & RJB Commercials 01799 732343/ 07872 479045

178 Kieran Bowman King’s Lynn Sponsored by The Tyre Bay 01533 771630

388 Taylor Sowter Horley


C Grade - White Roof

21 Sonny Parsons Spalding

41 Lee Barnes Wisbech Sponsored by All Counties Vehicle Solutions Export Buyers - 07901382358

69 Brad Bartrum Sponsored by Snap on Tools

93 Lewie Godfrey Heacham

100 Callum White Peterborough Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers – 01945 580380 & Jobie Cobb Signs

101 Cieran Harmer Deeping St James Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers – 01945 580380 & Jobie Cobb Signs

137 Jay Barrett Wisbech

230 Dean Moljourd Spalding

313 Scott Elden Norwich

441 Lee Horwood Wisbech Sponsored by All Counties Vehicle Solutions Export Buyers - 07901382358



Siamese Bangers

Star Grade - Red Roof

100 Callum White Peterborough Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers – 01945 580380 & Jobie Cobb Signs

385 Roy Gedge Wisbech Sponsored by Jeff Fitt Ltd


175 Karl Corsby

830 Lee White Saffron Walden Sponsored by C W Fabrications




B Grade - Yellow Roof

178 Kieran Bowman King’s Lynn Sponsored by The Tyre Bay 01533 771630

219 Robert Betts King’s Lynn Sponsored by The Tyre Bay 01533 771630


288 Carl Sowter East Grinstead Sponsored by Sowter Fabrications

388 Taylor Sowter Horley



551 Brett Jackson Peterborough

591 Jason Giddings Peterborough


C Grade - White Roof

32 Alan Wombwell Cambrdge

132 Robert James Sawston


51 James Licquorice Wisbech Sponsored by Crowson Motors – 01945 589777

375 Alex Hensby Wisbech


41 Lee Barnes Wisbech Sponsored by All Counties Vehicle Solutions Export Buyers - 07901382358

441 Lee Horwood Wisbech Sponsored by All Counties Vehicle Solutions Export Buyers - 07901382358


71 James Unwin Cambridge

711 Luke Stannard Ward King’s Lynn


87 Damien Matthews Bury St Edmunds

138 Jason Smy Ipswich 


121 Aaron Colbert Peterborough

908 Lewis Judd Peterborough


503 Darren Mouldy Colchester

557 Liam Wright Colchester


519 Lee Middleton Luton

785 Scott Miller LUton



Reliant Robins

World Champion - Gold Roof

553 Daniel Douglas Dagenham


National Points Champion - Silver Roof

385 Roy Gedge Wisbech Sponsored by Jeff Fitt Ltd


British Champion

576 Colin Aldred Dereham


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights

66 Steve Willis London

85 James Ellis Wisbech Sponsored by Wisbech Export Ltd


Star Grade - Red Roof

16 Ray Layton London

143 Sam Begley Varrowford


A Grade - Blue Roof

490 Lee Barnard Dereham

551 Jamie O Hanlan East Tilbury

554 Paul Douglas Dagenham


B Grade – Yellow Roof

321 Marcus Skeels Wisbech


C Grade - White Roof

185 Ben "Killer" Oliver Ely

194 Jordan Bliss

244 Mark Curtis Kettering

291 Stiff Haddon Burton Latimer

377 Sam Watson Dagenham Sponsored by Watson Cleaning – 07813 669260

632 Sam Tomlinson

805 Alex Brindley Burton Latimer


Meeting Format


1. Micro Bangers White Top Race (Normal Start)

2. Reliant Robins Heat 1

3. Siamese Bangers Heat 1

4. Micro Bangers Wacky Races Heat 1 (Le Mans Start)

5. 4x4 SUV Bangers Heat 1

6. Reliant Robins Heat 2

7. Siamese Bangers Heat 2

8. Micro Bangers Wacky Races Heat 2 (Spin & Start)

9. 4x4 SUV Bangers Heat 2

10. Reliant Robins Final

11. Siamese Bangers Final & Destruction Derby

12. Micro Bangers Wacky Races Final (Spin the Leader) & Destruction Derby

13. 4x4 SUV Bangers Final & Destruction Derby



About Us

img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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