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    • Unlimited Banger East Anglian, 2L Stock Cars & 1300cc Stock Cars

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Trackstar Racing | News | Mon 27 August (1pm) Preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 06 April

    Saturday 06 April

    MK1 Almera/ All Sunny Bangers: 390 David Gibson, Micro Bangers: 830 Lee White, Junior Bangers: 449 Bradley Green

    Updated: 13 Apr 2019 10:46

  • Saturday 30 March

    Saturday 30 March

    BriSCA F1 Stock Cars: 445 Nigel Green, 2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars: 610 Trent Arthurton, BriSCA MiniStox: 1 Jack Witts

    Updated: 04 Apr 2019 00:22

  • Next Meetings

    • Saturday 20 April - 17:30
    • Unlimited Banger East Anglian, 2L Stock Cars & 1300cc Stock Cars
    • Monday 22 April - 13:00
    • Wacky Races - 4x4 SUV Bangers, Micro Banger Crazy Races, Reliant Robins & Siamese Bangers
    • Saturday 27 April - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars WCQR, 2L Stock Cars English Champ & F2 Heritage
    • Monday 06 May - 13:00
    • 1500cc Bangers, 2L Banger Bandit Memorial, Reliant Robins & Ramp Rollover

Latest Points

Mon 27 August (1pm) Preview



Big Van Bangers

Reliant Robin World of Shale

Ramp Rollover  Competition

Roll of Honour

Free Funfair Ride

Admission - advance E tickets are highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format & Banger Heat Splits


Mark Paulson Preview



Crash for Cancer III takes place at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon (27 August, 1pm), with a terrific field of Van Bangers set to provide wall-to-wall entertainment, while raising money to fight cancer at the same time. Also in action are the Reliant Robins, contesting their biggest race of the year, and we have a first for King’s Lynn – a ramp rollover event!


There are currently 57 Big Van Bangers, 20 Reliant Robins and 16 Ramp Rollover competitors booked in to race


Please note that any driver who turns up unbooked will not receive any complimentary admissions that they may be entitled to and may also not be allowed to race if the event is fully booked.

Drivers please note that the pits open at 10am and your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. 


Big Van Bangers

For the past two years, Crash for Cancer, the brainchild of veteran racer Mick Gedney, has made for a fantastic day’s racing, with record numbers of vans in action, all helping to raise money for the Cancer Care Unit at the local Queen Elizabeth Hospital. And this year is set to be no different, with another magnificent field of vans ready to meet their end.

BigCblue-Logo internet

The event will see fundraising taking place for "The Big C" - Norfolk's Cancer Charity

Over £20,000 has been raised over the past two years for the Cancer Unit at the QEH

Gedney (186) himself will once again be in action, and he is joined on track by a number of other veterans rarely seen on track nowadays. Chief among those is 55 Mick Ivatt, a multiple title-winner in his 1990s heyday, but more usually seen at meetings these days on the centre, either waving flags or recovering cars to the pits in his tractor.

186 roll dw

186 Mick Gedney who organises Crash for Cancer will be hoping to keep his van on all four wheels

There are also appearances from the likes of 734 Mark Saunders. 902 Tony Lowther and 293 Nick Houghton, who enjoyed an outing in his trademark Triumph at the weekend. Others who we see racing relatively often, but who still fit into the veteran category, include 273 Kevin McClagish and 372 Barry Overland, regular top performers in vans. There is also 349 Lee Saunders, who will travel up from Kent, alongside top National Banger man 188 John Reeves, who was a race winner in the vans earlier this year.


Expect 734 Mark Saunders to be in the middle of the action once again!

Present-day stars include Entertainers’ League dominator 178 Kieran Bowman, who raced a terrific doormobile bus in May’s van meeting, and 77 Lee Ivatt, who took a heat and final double in his very smart modern LDV that day.

Kings Lynn 28.5.18-245

178 Kieran Bowman in the middle of the action in the Big Van Bangers back in May

Van specialists the Surrey Street Squad will be led into action by 403 George Ticker, while also venturing from down south are the Bears’ 321 Keiron Fry and 43 Luke Maynard, both fresh from putting on a great show at the track on Saturday night. Heading the local van specialists is 386 Sam Evans.

403 611 ac

403 George Tickner will be in the middle of the action in the Big Van Bangers

 Others likely to be in the thick of the action include local favourite 791 Nicky Young, fellow former Entertainers’ League champion 85 James Ellis, the Predators’ 479 Joel Allen and brother-and-sister pairing 71 James and 70 Sophie Unwin.


Reliant Robins

The three-wheelers will be contesting their prestigious World of Shale title, defended by 553 Daniel Douglas. But eclipsing even Douglas on the entry list for the Robins – who are bound to spend much of their time rolling and shedding their ‘plastic’ bodywork – is one very big name. The new two-litre Saloon Stock Car world champion, 157 Max Stott has confirmed he will be racing a Robin on Monday. Stott, who won that world title in dramatic fashion at King’s Lynn on Saturday night, has a background in National Banger racing and so will be well set for the rough and tumble of the Robins.

553 385 dw (5)

553 Daniel Douglas will be hoping to avoid incidents like this as he aims to successfully defend the Reliant Robin World of Shale

Former World of Shale champions 85 James Ellis and 385 Roy Gedge will be keen to claim back the title, while 576 Colin Aldred and 66 Steve Willis are also likely to be dangerous, although the latter is more of a Mildenhall specialist.

554 385 dwd 

385 Roy Gedge will be keen to stay on all three wheels and claim back the title

Don’t rule out a surprise result, with 03 Scott and 9 Dale Russell both capable of keeping up with the frontrunners and causing a shock.


Don't rule out a surprise result with the likes of 03 Scott Russell more than capable of keeping up with the front runners

Joining Stott as man with plenty of stock car racing experience is 124 Ollie Skeels, who’s won plenty of races in both BriSCA F2 and Saloon Stock Cars in his time.

Those likely to be here purely for a crash and to entertain the crowd are headed by 185 Ben ‘Killer’ Oliver, while the likes of 381 Billy Beckham, 383 Shane Harvey and 664 Ryan Sutcliffe should also provide plenty of entertainment.

664 194 dw 

664 Ryan Sutcliffe always gets involved in the middle of the action and will be competing for an entertainer award


Ramp rollover

Using the ramp to take off and see how many rolls you can perform is a traditional event at stock car racing, but not one that’s been seen at King’s Lynn. It should provide plenty of spectacular action. A number of drivers will be doubling-up from their racing duties in the other formulas, while there are also returns for veteran racers 142 Lee ‘Monster’ Farrell and 148 Trevor Lown. Drivers win the event by scoring points for the number of rolls they perform and the distance travelled.



Roll of Honour

Reliant Robins World of Shale

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
2010 King's Lynn 512 Chris Barnett
2011 King's Lynn 702 Allen Cooper
2012 King's Lynn 702 Allen Cooper
2013 King's Lynn 704 Stuart Henderson 576 Colin Aldred 490 Lee Barnard
2014 King's Lynn 385 Roy Gedge 702 Allen Cooper 664 Ryan Sutcliffe
2015 King's Lynn 553 Daniel Douglas 385 Roy Gedge 576 Colin Aldred
2016 King's Lynn 85 James Ellis 385 Roy Gedge 576 Colin Aldred
2017 King's Lynn 553 Daniel Douglas 385 Roy Gedge 96 Ian Robbins


Funfair Rides

All the fun of the fair will be at King's Lynn on Monday. The good news for mum and dad is that the ride will be free for the kids to go on as often as they like! With us on Monday are two rides in the shape of is giant Kids Crazy Fun House (pictured) and the fabulously fun Jets!


 fun house



On the day admission is as follows;

Adult - £17

OAP - £14

12-15 year old - £7

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & upto 3 x 12 - 15 year olds) - £44

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended


Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue.


Drivers Booked in to Race


Van Bangers

28 Mac Bell
51 Les Jackson
55 Mick Ivatt
58 Karl Parry
77 Lee Ivatt
77 Russel Gill

78 Tom Neat
85 James Ellis
86 Simon Royal
092 Jamie Clapton
108 Jef Coate
143 Aaron Mann
144 Jordan Godfrey
178 Kieran Bowman
186 Mick Gedney
186 Chris Loveridge

187 Andrew Marshall
188 John Reeves
194 Jordan Bliss
196 Cristopher Howland
213 Jack Lane
257 Peter Beard
273 Kevin Mcclagish
293 Nick Houghton
317 Nick Wakeman
324 Mark Latham
349 Lee Saunders
350 Nathan Tupper
372 Barry Overland
375 Alex Hensby
380 Trevor Wright
386 Sam Evans

399 Jonny Atkins
403 George Tickner
407 Ricky O Neill
411 Dan Pegg
441 Lee Horwood
476 Ross Coleman
479 Joel Allan
518 Aaron Parry
538 Jake Swann
571 Mark Quincey

601 Chris Medler
632 Keir Jackson
633 Leroy Heywood
664 Aaron Challis
666 Bill poilius
671 Scott smith
734 Mark Saunders
752 Jamie Cunningham
753 Billy Cunningham
780 Simon Sparrow
791 Nicky Young

830 Lee White
872 Ricky Johnson
902 Tony Lowther.
995 Gareth Wright

Reliant Robins

World Champion & World of Shale Champion
553 Daniel Douglas Dagenham
National Points Champion - Silver Roof
385 Roy Gedge Wisbech
Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights
85 James Ellis Ely
Star Grade - Red Roof
66 Steve Willis 
96 Ian Robins
124 Ollie Skeels Wisbech
157 Max Stott Wisbech
576 Colin Aldred Dereham
A Grade - Blue Roof
3 Scott Russell Enfield
9 Dale Russell Enfield
490 Lee Barnard Dereham
551 Jamie O Hanlan East Tilbury
554 Chalkie Douglas Dagenham
664 Ryan Sutcliffe Peterborough
B Grade - Yellow Roof
383 Shane Harvey Dover
C Grade - White Roof
185 Ben Oliver Ely
229 Steve Futter
247 Jack Wright
381 Billy Beckham Dover
552 Jordan Street Northfleet


Ramp Rollover

142 Lee Farrell
148 Trevor Lown
178 Kieran Bowman
186 Brett Gedney
317 Nick Wakeham
352 Stu Brookes
383 Shane Harvey
401 Steve Hemmings
412 Jake Burgess
469 Martin Baxter
479 Joel Allen
557 Paul Bowen
566 Tony Pallett
636 Terry Gathercole
664 Kieran Challiss
780 Simon Sparrow


Meeting Format

  1. Van Bangers Heat 1
  2. Van Bangers Heat 2
  3. Van Banger Heat 3
  4. Reliant Robin World of Shale Final
  5. Van Banger Heat 4
  6. Reliant Robin All Comers 1
  7. Van Banger Heat 5
  8. Ramp Rollover Competition
  9. Reliant Robin All Comers 2
  10. Big Van Final into Destruction Derby


Heat Splits

Heat 1

28   58   78   95   144   178   188   194   349   350   399   403   479   518   538   571   734   780   830   872   902


Heat 2

43   51   55   77 (LI)   85   86   092   186 (MG)   196   213   293   317   380   386   407   411   632   633   671   791   995


Heat 3

71   72   77 (RG)   108   143   186 (CL)   187   257   273   321   324   372   375   441   476     601   664   666   752   753  


Heat 4

28   43   51   55   77 (LI)   78   85   86   092   144   178   186 (MG)   196   213   293   317   349   350   380   386   407   411   479   518   632   633   671   734   780   791   995


Heat 5

58   71   72   77 (RG)   95   108   143   186 (CL)   187   188   194   257   273   321   324   372   375   399   403   441   476   538   571  601   664   666   752   753   830   872   902


Final and Destruction Derby are open to all cars



About Us

img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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