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Trackstar Racing | News | Sat 10 March (5.30pm) Preview

Latest Results

  • Sunday 9 December

    Sunday 9 December

    Unlimited Bangers: 99 Scott Gough, 1500cc National Championship: 322 Thomas Fox, Junior Bangers 317 Ben Saunders

    Updated: 16 Dec 2018 12:31

  • Saturday 27 October

    Saturday 27 October

    Unlimited Bangers: 760 Joey Reynolds, 1300 Stock Cars: 216 Dan Booth, Reliant Robins 383 Shane Harvey

    Updated: 02 Nov 2018 19:33

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    • Sunday 30 December - 1pm
    • Micro Banger EA Teams, 1300cc Stock Cars & Junior Bangers
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    • Sunday 03 February - 12 Noon
    • 1500cc Banger Icebreaker

Latest Points

Sat 10 March (5.30pm) Preview


1500cc Banger National Championship

2L Banger Wild Card WQR

Junior Bangers

Roll of Honour

Admission - advance E ticketsa re highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format

Heat Splits


Mark Paulson Preview



After a winter blighted by poor weather, the racing season finally kicks into gear at the Adrian Flux Arena this weekend, with an all-Banger affair. The pits – and track – will be packed, with the postponed 2017 1500cc National Championship topping the bill, and Two-Litre and Junior Bangers also in action.


There are currently 82 1500cc Bangers, 41 2L Bangers and 30 Junior Bangers booked in to race

Please note that this event is close to being fully booked - any driver who would like to race who is not booked in must contact 07939 580652 immediately. Any drivers who turn up not listed may not be allowed to race or will have a £25 fine.

Drivers please note that the pits open at 2pm and your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. Junior Bangers in the White & Yellow Final should ensure they have turned up in time to be scrutineered and ready to be grdded at 5.15pm 


1500cc Bangers

Postponed from December, the biggest individual title on offer for the smaller front-wheel-drive cars is up for grabs, their National Championship. It is an event that has now been going – under various guises – for 25 years, making it a prestigious title to win.

Defending the crown is 566 Tony Pallett who will seek to emulate his late father Geoff by becoming a two-time champion, no doubt at the wheel of his trademark Vauxhall machinery.


566 dw

566 Tony Pallett defends the 1500cc Banger National Title on Saturday

National points champion 830 Lee White will fancy his chances of adding even more shades to his multi-coloured roof, while speed merchant 757 Callum Gill and 2016 World of Shale champion 88 Lyndon Stark will also be in the hunt, depending on where the luck of the draw places them on the grid.


88 dw

2016 National Points Champion 88 Lyndon Stark has been in great form in the 1500cc Bangers recently


Other likely contenders include 337 Ashley Garrod, brother of three-time champion Terry, 322 Tom Fox, 888 Lloyd Stark and 2012 champion 601 Chris Medler.


Expect a strong challenge for the title from 322 Tom Fox


419 Laura Quadling is the first lady qualifier for a major Banger championship at the track for some years, with 70 Sophie Unwin hoping to join her on the grid via the last-chance qualifier. But let’s not forget, Tracey Goodall won this title back in 2000, its last year before moving to King’s Lynn.


Top lady driver 419 Laura Quadling is the first female driver to qualify for a Banger Championship at King's Lynn for several years


Many drivers who would usually fancy their chances of scooping the title will have to do it the hard way, via the last-chance qualifier. Mad Hatters pairing 390 David Gibson and 399 Jonny Atkin are in that category and could be ones to watch, as will 1500 specialist 315 Nathan Webb and the superfast 921 Jack Aldridge.

315 hn

Even though he has to go through the last chance do not be surprised to see 1500 Banger specialist 315 Nathan Webb perform well in the National

Much of the rest of the field won’t be too concerned about the championship that’s on the line, they’ll be more interested in just having a good crash. 



Expect there to be plenty of crashing, action and big wrecks in the 1500cc Bangers on Saturday!


2L Bangers Wild Card WQR

An impressively large field of two-litre Bangers will be on track for what looks set to be the formula’s best-supported meeting (aside from the annual World Final) for some time. Many leading drivers will double-up in both formulas in action, including 830 Lee White, young gun 178 Kieran Bowman, front-wheel drive specialist 337 Ashley Garrod and the Mad Hatters 399 Jonny Atkin.


178 Kieran Bowman will be one of several drivers having a busy night as they are in action in both the 1500cc and 2L Bangers

Trackstar converts 188 John Reeves and 898 Andy Battle will be certain frontrunners, while 128 Andrew Shipp should also be at the sharp end, quite possibly in machinery that’s a little different from the norm.

188 mb

188 John "Victor" Reeves will be looking for a good start to the year as a new Trackstar driver


The Gladiators’ 201 Phil Milner will be worth watching, along with 306 Nicky Bell and 405 Shane Tilley, and there is also an appearance from the Bears’ 321 Kieran Fry.

201 dw

Expect the Gladiator's 201 Phil Milner to be involved in the middle of the action


841 Stuart Carman was a man on a mission in the 2L Bangers last year and is one of a host of locals who will be mixing it with the formula’s big names.


841 Stuart Carman has put ina  great display in the 2L Bangers   


Junior Bangers

The under-16s will also be present in big numbers. World champion 131 Harley McCarthy will be joined by elder sister 13 Morgan McCarthy, with the pair facing off against Trackstar top dogs 90 Joey Holmes Jr (the national points and English champion) and 328 Ben Nichols. Sheffield visitor 450 Blake Platts is also likely to mix it with those big names.


328 Ben Nicholls is always a big player in the Junior Bangers


Attleborough’s 114 Luke Spinks will be hoping to join the formula’s elite this year, while 77 Lewis Ivatt, 229 Harry Cobb and 715 Josh Prince will aim to push on after plateauing a little last season. 608 Lenny Murkin will also be looking to make up for lost time.

229 dw

229 Harry Cobb always puts on a great display at King's Lynn


As well as Morgan McCarthy, the young ladies are represented by rising star 188 Codie Reeves, the indefatigable 70 Tiff Unwin and the relatively inexperienced 145 Liz Dicken and 159 Eron Denney. 

The very healthy white grade is packed with stars of the future, with the likes of 340 Sam Bennett looking set to make rapid progress though the grades this year, and 591 Jack Giddings also tipped for the top.


Roll of Honour

1500cc Banger National Championship


Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
1992 Swaffham 83 Dave Durrant 062 Mark Klyn 405 Martin Norman
1993 Swaffham 50 Abraham Smith 222 Clive Reeve 643 Mark Whybra
1994 Swaffham 119 Davey Cox 270 Fred Murkin 63 Rob Klyn
1995 Swaffham 551 Johnnie Cook 270 Fred Murkin 174 Nigel Louth
1996 Swaffham 567 Geoff Pallett 42 Graham Kerry 635 Mark Peacock
1997 Swaffham 88 Alan Read 410 Nigel Whayman 30 Steve Mayes
1998 Swaffham 30 Steve Mayes 102 Darren Marshall 40 Lester Freestone
1999 Swaffham 541 Luke Parfitt 593 Shaun Howell 7 Chris Lowe
2000 Swaffham 112 Tracy Goodhall 432 Nick Cowles 541 Luke Parfitt
2001 King's Lynn 567 Geoff Pallett 119 Davey Cox 2 Martin Brinkworth
2002 King's Lynn 321 Andy Newton 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr 58 Danny Day
2003 King's Lynn 999 Shane Cottrill 566 Tony Pallett 253 Steve Askham
2004 King's Lynn 999 Shane Cottrill 47 Chris Malkin 128 Andrew Lack
2005 King's Lynn 58 Danny Day 191 Shaun McMillan 253 Steve Askham
2006 King's Lynn 253 Steve Askham 119 Davey Cox 63 Rob Klyn
2007 King's Lynn 37 Dave Lewis 288 Ashley Burton 119 Davey Cox
2008 King's Lynn 119 Davey Cox
2009 King's Lynn 385 Roy Gedge
2010 King's Lynn 385 Roy Gedge 77 Russell Gill 349 Michael Allard
2011 King's Lynn 328 Daniel Lathan 382 Jack Foster Jr 316 Sean Haller
2012 King's Lynn 601 Chris Medler 328 Daniel Lathan 69 Johnny Wilkinson
2013 King's Lynn 338 Terry Garrod 673 Darren Fendley 328 Daniel Lathan
2014 King's Lynn 338 Terry Garrod 271 Ashlun Woods 391 Ben Gibn
2015 King's Lynn 338 Terry Garrod 10 Ben Collins 319 Shaun Clarke
2016 King's Lynn 566 Tony Pallett 231 Alex Smith 271 Ashlun Woods
2017 King's Lynn Postponed to early 2018 due to snow



On the day admission is as follows;

Adult - £16

OAP - £13

12-15 year old - £6

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & up to 3 12 - 15 year olds) - £41

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended


Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue.


Drivers Booked in to Race

1500cc Bangers

National Point & British Champion - Silver & Black & White Checks
830 Lee "Stretch" White Saffron Walden
Sponsored by CW Fabrications
Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights
88 Lyndon "Fatface" Stark Boston
757 Callum "Jack Jnr" Gill King's Lynn
Sponsored by Pure Hocus Pocus & R Haresign Services
National Champion - Gold Stripe
566 Tony "Zippy Jnr" Pallett Thetford
Star Grade - Red Roof
93 Luke Nieuwenburg Boston
175 Karl Corsby Newmarket
178 Kieran "Slim" Bowman Wisbech
Sponsored by The Tyre Bay - 01553 771630
322 Nicky Denman  Boston
337 Ashley "Pretty Boy" Garrod Swaffham
888 Lloyd Stark Boston
Sponsored by Alder Fabs & Services
921 Jack Aldridge Chipping Norton
A Grade - Blue Roof
69 Brad Bartrum Wisbech
77 Russell "Jack" Gill King's Lynn
Sponsored by Pure Hocus Pocus
315 Nathan "Cobbwebb" Webb Rickinghall
322 Tom "Foxy" Fox Lakenheath
390 David "Gibbo" Gibson Bourne
Sponsored by BWR Metal Recycling
601 Chris "Bling" Medler Norwich
B Grade - Yellow Roof
79 Ricky Twell King's Lynn
113 Dan "Wrighty" Wright Wisbech
123 Kieran "Kezza" Gray Norwich
319 Shaun "Super Shaun" Clarke Downham Market
399 Jonny Atkin Bourne
517 Sid "Cupcake" Cooper Cambridge
551 Brett Jackson  Peterborough
556 Matt Tillow Norwich
Sponsored by David Yarham Salvage, Reliable Rentals & JMC
C Grade - White Roof
6 Ronnie Bennett Boston
10 Chris Wick Walsingham
10 Ben Collins Norwich
12 Troy Cobbett Walsingham
13 Alex Exton Bourne
26 Paul "Skiddy" Lovick Fakenham
Sponsored by AKS Autos
65 Chris Hornbrook Desborough
107 Andy Betts Wisbech
110 Brett Judge Sheffield
147 Mickey Clarke Bourne
171 Holly Nash King's Lynn
172 Chris Nash King's Lynn
174 David Osbourne Colchester
186 Chris Loveridge King's Lynn
201 Phil "Turkish" Milner Rattlesden
Sponsored by PFP Ford Parts Boxted
203 Martin Reeson Boston
217 Ashley Brewster Sheffied
232 Steven "Poppy" Pope Fakenham
Sponsored by South Creake Cycle Centre
241 Beau "Slippery" Southgate Stowmarket
Sponsored by Southside Motocross
248 Jamie "Young Gun" Blything Norwich
Sponsored by Newton Cars
248 Nick Ashbridge Louth
249 Jonathan Ashbridge Louth
271 Ashlun Woods Dereham
277 Alex Tebbs Boston
284 Mark "Baggers" Baggley Boston
286 Ben Locke Cambridge
297 Paul Chapman London
321 Kieran "Chatty Man" Fry Bletchingley
350 Nathan "Ziggy" Tupper Stowupland
Sponsored by EBL
352 Ben Mynott St Neots
370 Craig "Chap" Gray  Norwich
375 Alex Hensby Wisbech
405 Shane "Rudey" Tilley Colchester
416 Jon "Nettles" Cullen Spalding
Sponored by Top Score Mowing (TSM)
419 Laura "Mossop" Quadling Thetford
Sponsored by Carbrooke Cars & Commercials (Car Sales)
430 Andy Jones Cambridge
440 Lennon Phillips London
452 Paul "Cori" Sweet St Neots
483 Lee Neve Bourne
495 Aston Gibbons Wisbech
511 Jack Licquorice Wisbech
577 Scott Graves Boston
622 Stuart Davies Swindon
632 Sambo Tomlinson Sutton in Ashfield
633 Leeroy Haywood Sutton in Ashfield
Sponsored by J&L Smart Repairs
666 Liam Gelsthorpe Boston
678 Steve Lillywhite Bletchingley
721 Dan "Clarkey" Clarke Wisbech
747 Liam Hard Lowestoft
792 Steve "Stevie G" Greenhalgh Cleethorpes
799 Tim Rees King's Lynn
800 Liam Halls Stowmarket
887 Liam Stark Boston
Sponsored by Ark Fabrications
902 Tony Lowther Spalding
903 Leon de Silva Peterborough
910 Jack Rookard Stowmarket
Sponsored by Steve Lumley Road Planings
994 Craig Keeley



2L Bangers

National Points & British Champion - Silver & Black & White Checks
830 Lee White  Saffron Walden
Star Grade - Red Roof
103 Jack Deacon Canvay Island
Sponsored by ARA Tyres
178 Kieran "Slim" Bowman Wisbech
Sponsored by The Tyre Bay - 01553 771630
188 John "Victor" Reeves Folkestone
337 Ashley "Pretty Boy" Garrod Swaffham
898 Andy Battle Beccles
A Grade - Blue Roof
136 Adrian "Junior" Court Kettering
303 Wayne Linsdale Cambridge
B Grade - Yellow Roof
319 Shaun "Super Shaun" Clarke Downham Market
399 Jonny Atkin Bourne
517 Sid "Cupcake" Cooper Cambridge
519 Lee "Knuckles" Middleton Luton
549 Phil Smith Colchester
551 Brett Jackson Peterborough
C Grade - White Roof
16 Daniel "Popeye" Fisher Wisbech
43 Luke Maynard Crawley
108 Thomas "Tom Tom" Smith Wisbech
138 Jason Smy Ipswich
143 Sam Snowden Skipton
170 Darren Teal Northampton
179 Brad Bowman King's Lynn
201 Phil "Turkish" Milner Rattlesden
Sponsored by PFP Ford Parts Boxted
210 Callum McKee Sheffield
212 Jack "Little Mario" Maryon Wisbech
Sponsored by Crowson Motors - 01945 589777
219 Robert Betts King's Lynn
227 Chris "Hurricane" Horton Fakenham
248 Jamie "Young Gun" Blything Norwich
Sponsored by Newton Cars
298 Bryoni Gilfoy Southampton
306 Nicky Bell Colchester
347 Red Nelson Keighley
389 Charlie Garrod Swaffham
405 Shane "Rudey" Tilley Colchester
431 Scott Munson Colchester
444 Charlie Jackson Maidstone
461 Danny Jenkins Sheffield
616 Phil Watkins Sheffield
617 Darren Everett Skipton
619 Micky Knight King's Lynn
664 Aaron "Trellence" Challis Brandon
Sponsored by Brandon Riding Academy
720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel Bristol
841 Stu Carman Wisbech


Junior Bangers

World Champion - Gold Roof
131 Harley McCarthy Bedford
National Points Champion - Silver Roof
90 Joey "Spud" Holmes Jnr Birmingham
Sponsored by A C Race Fabrications
Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights
13 Morgan McCarthy Bedford
328 Ben Nicholls Norwich
Star Grade - Red Roof
114 Luke Spinks Attleborough
Sponsored by Quinto Crane & Plant Hire
132 Archie Cullum Bloxwich
450 Blake Platts Sheffield
608 Lenny "Lenny Boy" Murkin Peterborough
A Grade - Blue Roof
77 Lewis "Little Lewie" Ivatt Spalding
Sponsored by Lunns Haulage
229 Harry "Cobby Jnr" Cobbs King's Lynn
715 Joshua Prince Grantham
Sponsored by Princes Scrap Metals
993 Ryan Nieuwenburg Boston
B Grade - Yellow Roof
188 Codie Reeves Folkestone
C Grade - White Roof
8 Finlay Damon Bedford
45 Aiden "Little Meat" Harrold Bourne
70 Tiff "Tiny Tiff" Unwin Cambridge
Sponsored by L J Agricultural Engineering & Wisbech Export Company
101 Cieran Harmer Peterborough
Sponsored by Wisbech Breakers & Jobie Cobb Signs
117 Lee Reynolds Briston
145 Liz Dicken Norwich
159 Eron Denney Downham Marker
Sponsored by Wisbech Export
199 Jobie Holland-Gough Sheffield
214 Connor Osborn Ipswich
Sponsored by Drive Away Salvage
331 Archie Fryatt Ipswich
340 Samuel "Rusty" Bennett Sudbury
Sponsored by Admiral Recovery
537 Charlie Clarke Wisbech
555 Harry Gelsthorpe Boston
591 Jack "Little Jack" Giddings Peterborough
603 Kieran Clarke
702 Ben Kaleta Spalding
833 Robbie Dillon King's Lynn
Sponsored by Davey Cox Car Repairs & SAS Vehicle Hire


 Meeting Format

1.      Junior Banger White & Yellow Final

2.      1500cc Banger Last Chance

3.      Junior Banger Heat 1

4.      2L Banger World Final Wild Card Final

5.      1500cc Banger National Championship

6.      Junior Banger Heat 2

7.      1500cc Banger All Comers 1 (Subject to car numbers)

8.      2L Banger All Comers 1

9.   1500cc Banger All Comers 2

10.   Junior Banger Final

11.   2L Banger All Comers 2 & Destruction Derby

12.   1500cc Banger All Comers 2 & Destruction Derby



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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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