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Trackstar Racing | News | Sat 29 September (5.00pm) Preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 18 May

    Saturday 18 May

    Unlimited Banger Final: 617 Jack Overy, 1500cc Banger Final: 178 Kieran Bowman, Junior Banger Final: 90 Joey Holmes

    Updated: 19 May 2019 21:09

  • Monday 06 May

    Monday 06 May

    2 Litre Banger Bandit Memorial: 340 Wes Freestone. 1500cc Banger Final: 624 Cameron Hubbard. Reliant Robin Final: 385 Roy Gedge. Ramp Rollover: 511 Jack Licquorice

    Updated: 16 May 2019 20:28

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    • Saturday 25 May - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars, F2 Stock Cars & Ministox
    • Monday 27 May - 13:00
    • Big Van Bangers, Micro Bangers & 1300 Stock Cars
    • Saturday 01 June - 17:00
    • 2L Stock Car European Championship & All Bluebird / Cavalier / Primera / Carina Bangers
    • Sunday 02 June - 13:00
    • 2L Banger World Final & 2L Stock Cars

Latest Points

Sat 29 September (5.00pm) Preview



Micro Bangers

1500cc Bangers

Junior Bangers

Lady Unlmited Bangers

Admission - advance E ticketsa re highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format


Mark Paulson Preview



A night of Bangers, Bangers, Bangers and more Bangers is on offer at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, on Saturday (29 September, 5:00pm) – enough to satisfy the most die-hard of crash-happy fans. The UK Championship for Micro Bangers tops the bill, with further National Banger action coming from the 1500s. Junior Bangers and the annual session of Unlimited Lady Bangers complete the programme.


There are currently 88 Micro Bangers, 38 1500cc Bangers, 25 Junior Bangers and 21 Lady Unlimited Bangers booked in to race


Please note; this meeting is now fully booked; If you are booked in and no longer able to race please let us know so we can give your booking to someone else.


Any driver who turns up unbooked will NOT BE ABLE TO RACE. If you are not listed below and would like to race please text 07939 580652 to be added to the reserve list.

Drivers please note that the pits open at  2pm and your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. Please note you will not be able to save space in the pits and if you want to park with someone please make sure you turn up with them. Only race transporters will be allowed in the pits. 


Micro Bangers

The UK title is defended by 165 Ben Randell. The Great Yarmouth man is yet to win at the track so far this year – there’s no better time to change that. Randell currently looks set to be the only former winner on the grid, so there may well be a new man who earns the right to wear the Union Jack on their car’s roof.

165 win

Ben Randell (165) is defending champion in the big race

Veteran racer 37 Dave Lewis has been runner-up in the big race for the past two years, so would like to go one better, while keeping it in the family, 36 Ricky Lewis is also a strong contender in Micros.

Heading the UK Championship qualifying points was 248 Jamie Blything from national points leader 830 Lee White, who will certainly be among the favourites. Other contenders include 143 Aaron Mann (third last year) and Vauxhall specialist 566 Tony Pallett.


Lee White (830) in the thick of the action at a Micro meeting earlier this year

The Mad Hatters’ 247 Jon Bailey should get stuck into brothers 51 James and 511 Jack Licquorice, and 212 Jack Maryon, and with all four being qualifiers for the big race, that is likely to spice up proceedings.

247 511

Expect the hits to go in with The Mad Hatters and Team Allsorts

Saloon Stock Car driver 331 Mackenzie Whitehead and former Junior Banger star 13 Morgen McCarthy have also made the grid and could be ones to watch.

There is a huge entry of cars for the last-chance qualifier which could make it one of the races of the night, a clash between those who want to qualify and those who are there just for a good crash – of which there are certain to be very many.


Bandit Memorial 7.5.18-174

You don't know where to look in the Mirco Bangers!


Micro Bangers UK Championship

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
2003 King's Lynn 369 Scott Taylor 58 Danny Day 877 Adam Perrin
2004 King's Lynn 361 Chris Walden 581 Simon Fixter 90 Simon Chapman
2005 King's Lynn 581 Simon Fixter 128 Andy Lack 791 Nicky Young
2006 King's Lynn 361 Chris Walden
2007 King's Lynn 337 Ashley Garrod 238 Graham Garrod 253 Steve Askham
2008-2011 not held
2012 King's Lynn 391 Ben Gibson 791 Nicky Young 119 Davey Cox
2013 King's Lynn 551 Brett Jackson 781 Scott Sparrow 113 Stuart Beevis
2014 King's Lynn 390 David Gibson 830 Lee White 886 Lewis Stark
2015    King's Lynn 337 Ashley Garrod 338 Terry Garrod 390 David Gibson
2016 King's Lynn 322 Tom Fox 37 Dave Lewis 99 Ricky Garrod
2017 King's Lynn 165 Ben Randell 37 Dave Lewis 143 Aaron Mann


1500cc Bangers

In what is the last qualifying round for the prestigious 1500cc National Championship, several drivers will be doubling-up in the medium-sized Bangers too. They include runaway points leader 830 Lee White and his Entertainers’ League counterpart 178 Kieran Bowman who, while regularly representing the Predators almost singlehandedly, never fails to entertain the crowd. 


Kieran Bowman (178) is always in amongst the action

248 Jamie Blything, 452 Paul Sweet and 566 Tony Pallett will also be racing two cars on the night, with Pallett joined in the 1500s by fellow Vauxhall man 116 Nat Cohn.

Sure to get stuck in are Mad Hatters’ pairing 390 David and 399 Jonny Atkin, along with 147 Mickey Clarke.


The Mad Hatters are always getting stuck in

1500cc specialists 232 Steven Pope and 271 Ashlun Woods will look to entertain the crowds, while 174 Dave Osbourn and 747 Danny Clarke are two more who know how to put it around.

Joining Blything, there is a strong entry from the Lown family, numbering Russ (847), Shaun (848) and Mick (849).



Junior Bangers

In the Juniors’ first outing at the track since the beginning of August, there is a return for world champion 328 Ben Nichols, who now has a lot of ground to make up on 90 Joey Holmes Jr in the points. Holmes, the reigning points champion, will also be in action, along with English champion 450 Blake Platts.

 90 450 dw (2)

Joey Holmes (90) and Blake Platts (450) will be worth watching

Former world champion 131 Harley McCarthy and 608 Lennie Murkin should also be among the frontrunners.


Which of racer or crasher 854 Aiden Storr turns up will be interesting to see, while rising star 999 Louie Cottrill is likely to be one to watch.


Aiden Storr (854) and Louie Cottrill (999) will be front runners

Having dropped to white grade, 188 Codie Reeves – whose mother and father are also racing – could be dangerous from the front of the grid, while 352 Howe Reade, son of National Banger racer Polly, continues his fledgling career.


Lady Unlmited Bangers

The annual rear-wheel-drive session for the ladies this year is their only scheduled meeting on track. The strong entry is comprised of former Lady Banger regulars, some who always made the effort to race on RWD night and some up-and-comers. We often see some impressive machinery on this night, so we look forward to seeing what the ladies will bring.

The formula’s superstars 477 Amy Brown and 730 Marie Mayes could be the pacesetters, though each may suffer from a lack of recent action at the track, something which can’t be levelled at 419 Laura Quadling who is now a National Banger regular.

Other experienced Lady Banger campaigners include 95 Jade Harbord and 818 Tiff Collins, and each will enjoy getting a slide on, along with 502 Becca Bitson. There is also a return for 10 Charlotte Ward, while 188 Stacey Reeves also has plenty of racing experience.

Recent Junior Banger graduates 13 Morgen McCarthy and 145 Liz Dicken will make their Unlimited Lady Banger debuts at the track, while 401 Jane and 885 Ellie Filmer make their annual appearance.



On the day admission is as follows;

Adult - £16

OAP - £13

12-15 year old - £6

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & up to 3 12 - 15 year olds) - £41

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended


Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue.


There is no Funfair rides at this meeting


Drivers Booked in to Race


Micro Bangers

National Points Champion - Silver Roof                  

830         Lee White           


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights                    

88           Lyndon Stark     

337         Ashley Garrod  

673         Darren Fendley

757         Callum Gill          


Star Grade - Red Roof                    

119         Davey Cox          

175         Karl Corsby        

452         Paul Sweet        

566         Tony Pallett       


A Grade - Blue Roof                        

36           Ricky Lewis        

37           Dave Lewis         

123         Kieran Gray       

155         Sam Coote         

247         Jon Bailey           

248         Jamie Blything  

321         Marcus Skeels  

352         Ben Mynott       



Defending UK Champion - Union Jack                     

165         Ben Randall        


B Grade - Yellow Roof                   

65           Chris Hornbrook              

69           Brad Bartram    

99           Ricky Garrod     

135         Donny Mann     

178         Kieran Bowman

212         Jack Maryon      

548         Alex Utting         

556         Matt Tillow        

619         Brad Tomlinson

634         Ben Green         



C Grade - White Roof                    

13           Morgen McCarthy          

15           Declan Thomson             

18           Glenn Brookes 

51           James Licquorice             

60           Kyle Stevenson

71           James Unwin    

75           Laura Bulldeath

98           Kevin Constance              

100         Cane Harrison   

115         Joe Bull

121         Aaron Colbert   

143         Aaron Mann      

159         Billy Giddings    

164         Gary Shaw          

175         Ashley Steward

181         Craig Allen         

199         Kris Clifford        

199         Darrenn Mouser              

200         Richard Cornall 

217         Ashley Brewster              

234         Alan Jackson     

248         Jonathan Ashbridge       

249         Nick Ashbridge 

256         Mark Ginders   

297         Aiden Harrold   

298         Toby Dean         

308         Dave Martin        

313         Scott Elden        

318         Oliver Marshall 

326         Ryan Moran      

329         Michael Carter 

330         Jackson Whitehead        

330         Gary Stanney    

331         Mackenzie Whitehead  

339         Olly Scott            

353         Sean Mullins      

364         Dave Allen          

375         Alex Hensby      

412         Callum Lacey     

459         Steve de Oliveira             

461         Danny Jenkins  

511         Jack Licquorice 

551         Jamie O Hanlan

560         Andrew Milner 

579         Gary Beecham  

582         Andrew Horry   

609         Nathan Tomlinson          

624         Cameron Hubbard          

661         Shaun Smith      

662         Dalton Smith     

666         Kieran Challis    

669         Cal Curtis            

734         Wayne Howat   

761         Nathan Rees     

834         Josh Green        

842         James Porter Chapman 

908         Lewis Judd         

949         Tony Fidoe         

974         Alistair Oxby     



1500cc Bangers               


National Points Champion - Silver Roof                  

830         Lee White           


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights                    

88           Lyndon Stark     


Star Grade - Red Roof                    

175         Karl Corsby        

452         Paul Sweet        

566         Tony Pallett       

898         Andy Battle        


A Grade - Blue Roof                        

116         Nat Cohn            

315         Nathan Webb   

379         Ben Whitehall   


B Grade - Yellow Roof                   

69           Brad Bartram    

178         Kieran Bowman

271         Ashlun Woods  

350         Nathan Tupper 

390         David Gibson    

399         Jonny Atkin        

556         Matt Tillow        

666         Nick Ungermann             

799         Tim Rees            

847         Russ Lown          

848         Shaun Lown       

849         Mick Lown         


C Grade - White Roof                    

10           Chris Wick          

12           Troy Cobbett    

13           Morgen McCarthy          

13           Alex Exton          

16           Dan Fisher          

26           Paul Lovick         

101         Dave Chapman 

121         Aaron Colbert   

147         Mickey Clarke   

174         Dave Osbourne

232         Steven Pope       

416         Jon Cullen           

456         Terry Hawes      

591         Jack Giddings    

652         Louis Brook        

747         Danny Clarke     

800         Liam Halls           

910         Jack Rookard     


Junior Bangers                 


National Points Champion - Silver Roof                  

90           Joey Holmes      


European Champion - Red & Yellow Checks                         

328         Ben Nicholls       


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights                    

77           Lewis Ivatt          


Star Grade - Red Roof    

304         Danny Elbourn                

450         Blake Platts        

608         Lennie Murkin  


A Grade - Blue Roof        

229         Harry Cobb        

854         Aiden Storr        

999         Louie Cottrill      


B Grade - Yellow Roof                   

8              Finlay Damon    

131         Harley McCarthy             

555         Harry Gelsthorpe            

622         Harvey Webb    

715         Joshua Prince    


C Grade - White Roof                    

54           Thomas Needs 

68           Maisie Armstrong           

117         Lee Reynolds    

188         Codie Reeves    

199         Jobie Holland Gough 

258         Owen Hunt    

352         Howe Reade     

667         Callum Self         

670         Max Eaton

822         Shane Masterman          


Lady Bangers                    

3              Danielle Ellis                               

10           Charlotte Ward

13           Morgen McCarthy          

70           Sarah Lacey       

88           Alice Sullivan     

95           Jade Harbord    

100         Emma Mullins   

145         Liz Dicken           

188         Stacey Reeves  

209         Kerry Maskell    

219         Jemma White   

266         Becki Wright      

327         Dee Maskell      

401         Jane Filmer        

419         Laura Quadling 

477         Amy Brown        

543         Tracie Ward       

622         Diane Flinders  

730         Marie Mayes    

818         Tiff Collins          

885         Ellie Filmer         



Format & Heat Splits

  1. Junior Banger Heat 1
  2. Micro Banger Last Chance Race
  3. Lady Banger Heat 1
  4. 1500cc Banger Heat 1
  5. Micro Banger UK Championship
  6. Junior Banger Heat 2
  7. Micro Banger All Comers 1
  8. Lady Banger Heat 2
  9. 1500cc Banger Heat 2
  10. Micro Banger All Comers 2
  11. Junior Banger Final
  12. Lady Banger Final
  13. 1500cc Banger Final into Destruction Derby
  14. Micro Banger All Comers 3 into Destruction Derby



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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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