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    Sunday 19 January

    Unlimited Bangers: 627 Terry Coke. Icebreaker Champions: Team Extreme A. Icebreaker Entertainers: Predators A. Report now added.

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    Sunday 29 December

    Micro Bangers: 51 James Licquorice. F2 Stock Cars: 995 Michael Lund. 2L Saloons: 26 Tommy Barnes

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Sat 7th September (5:30pm) Preview


Unlimited Bangers

2L Saloon Stock Cars

Free Funfair Ride and Facepainting

Admission - advance E tickets are highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format




The biggest Unlimited Banger race on shale takes place on Saturday – in the form of the World of Shale championship. Metal clashing and crunching action will come thick and fast, particularly with the superb 2 litre Saloon Stock Cars who will be battling it out in the first round of their Shootout, with the Jack Dain Trophy raced for on the meeting final.

Spectator gates will open 2 hours before start time. The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under-cover viewing too!), free on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue


There are currently 106 Unlimited Bangers and 30 2L Saloon Stock Cars booked in to race.


Please note that this event is fully booked. If you are booked in and are no longer able to race please let us know asap. If you are not booked in and would like to be added to the reserve list please text 07939 580652, drivers turning up not booked in to race will not be allowed to race

Drivers please note that the pits open at 2pm. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. Please note you will not be able to save space in the pits and if you want to park with someone please make sure you turn up with them. Only race transporters will be allowed in the pits


Unlimited Bangers

The massive entry of Unlimited Bangers race for the prestigious World of Shale title a title steeped in history won by a roll of honour that’s a real who’s who of Unlimited Banger stars. The line up today very much the same, full of talented drivers from across the Country and Promotions, a full line up of quality drivers, headed by defending champion Lee Clarke (247). “Bro” is certainly a rated driver and will be ready to retain the title.


"Bro" takes a great win in last years World Of Shale

Triple World of Shale champion Shayn Winsor (160), who was the very first winner of the title, is keen to lift the crown for a record fourth time, but it will be a tall order as he will need to qualify first. Dave Vincent (22) will be hoping for another win, but hopefully at least will make it further than he did last year whilst trying to defend the crown, when he got caught up in an incident and his Mk2 Granada was annihilated. Callum Gill (757) is rapidly becoming one of the top racers at Lynn and will certainly be in with a shot on Saturday.

Jack Overy (617) needs no introduction and will be one of the favourites; a legend of the sport and still hungry for more success. Tom Waller (209) was well in the mix here in August and will certainly be one to watch. As will Buddy James (262) who will be making the long haul from the West Country to join us. So many top drivers on the grid, it’s going to be a hotly contested race!

 Carl Sewell (467) joins us often bringing a hearse/ limo to the action, taking home a very trashed machine regardless. He will be getting stuck in again on Saturday, we’re sure with another limo of some sorts to destroy.

211 vrs 467

Carl Sewell (467) took this huge shot off of Dennis Vorkink (211) and another very trashed Volvo hearse home in August

The Barton Boys, The Gladiators, The Predators, Team Sowter/Filmer, James Licquorice (51), Callum White (100), Brett Jackson (551); there’s a long list of drivers very willing to get stuck in on the action and mix things up for sure. It’s going to be lively!


Callum White (100) is always in the middle of the action.

The Last chance racers will have their work cut out too, a long list of drivers that will be very keen to make the cut and book their place on the grid. Jordan Cumming (570) will be one of them wanting to add to his Trackstar Banger World Championship, along with former World Champions Darren Fendley (673) and Davey Cox (119), quite surprisingly haven’t made the grid for the race just yet, but very capable drivers who will be doing their best to qualify.

Jacking train

A huge jacking train at last year's World of Shale event - more of the same Saturday?


It’s going to be interesting and we can’t wait to see what happens Saturday.


2L Stock Cars

The 2 Litre Saloon Stock cars also on the bill; are a firm fan favourites and everything you want from a Stock Car formula, hard hitting; no holds barred action. It’s first round of the National Series; the Saloons Shootout is sure to be a brutal contest, the meeting final will then be the Jack Dain trophy


Saloon action often means cars going in all directions!

Most of the National Series Competitors will be in attendance, few would bet against World Champion Diggy Smith (116) laying down a marker and staking his claim on the title. European, World of Shale and National Champion Daniel Parker (306) will give it a go though! Likewise Scottish racer Barry Russell (600), despite his Scotland base rarely misses a King’s Lynn meeting.


116 306

Diggy Smith (116) and Daniel Parker (306) might come to blows again on Saturday.

Throw into the mix the other 6 National Series contenders Saturday will certainly be ones to watch; they won’t want anyone else to start pulling clear in the points!

Of the rest of the line up, another hotly contested evening with around 30 Saloons booked in, fence clattering action all the way! Particularly amongst the remaining star graders not in the National Series; right the way down to the front of the grid. The whites and yellow graders aren’t shy and are very happy to defend their positions on track when needed!


Action all the way, what a night it’s going to be. 


Fun Fair and Face Painting

All the fun of the fair will be at King's Lynn on Saturday and the good news for Mum and Dad is that the ride will be free for the kids to go on as often as they like! This Saturday we will have the Fun House in attendance. Don't forget we will have free face painting too! 

fun house 




On the day admission at the Box Office (Cash and Card payments accepted):

Adult - £18

OAP/ Concession - £15

12-15 year old - £7

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & upto 3 x  12 - 15 year olds) - £47

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended - Available until 12 Noon Friday 6th September.



Drivers Booked in to Race 

Unlimited Bangers 

Defending World of Shale Champion - Twin Gold Stripes

247 Lee Clarke Def


National Points Champion - Silver Roof

830 Lee White


2L Banger Tarmac World Champion - Gold Roof

757 Callum Gill TSR


Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights

22 Dave Vincent TSR

88 Lyndon Stark

352 Ben Mynott

617 Jack Overy Wild - Visitor


Star Grade - Red Roof

77 Russell Gill TSR

160 Shayn Winsor

209 Tom Waller Wild – Vis

318 Tony Citro

362 Jonny James

455 Ricki Finney

589 Simon Smith

623 Ricky Hutton

673 Darren Fendley


A Grade - Blue Roof

85 James Ellis

99 Scott Gough Wild TSR

116 Nat Cohn

119 Davey Cox

178 Kieran Bowman

299 Tommy Callaghan TSR

551 Brett Jackson Wild TSR

577 Alfie Lee

760 Joey Reynolds Spede


B Grade - Yellow Roof

10 Ben Collins Norwich

51 James Licquorice Wild TSR

87 Damien Matthews

100 Callum White Wild TSR

180 Mark Foster Wild - visitor

214 Connor Osborn

217 Sid Madgwick Wild - Vis

230 Scott Patterson Crimond

252 Gareth Griffiths Startrax

269 Dean French

278 Shaun Brokenshire Autospeed

329 Michael Carter Wild TSR

331 Mackenzie Whithead Wild TSR

349 James Guppy Wild TSR

356 Harry Overy Wild - TSR

388 Taylor Sowter Wild - TSR

400 Lee Kingsnorth

519 Lee Middleton

548 Alex Utting

579 Gary Beecham

606 Liam Weedon Wild TSR

662 Dalton Smith TSR

787 Marc Key

791 Nicky Young Wild TSR

817 Kurt Jacobs Mildo

884 Tom Filmer

960 Ross Winsor


C Grade - White Roof

1 Kyle Shires

3 Mitchell Finney Incarace

8 James Jackson

11 Ryan Leeks

14 Joe Persico

16 Jamie Cox

19 Joe Mullarkey

48 Mark Cassidy

52 Steve Dean

53 Luke Needs

78 Lee Macey

83 Julian Grant Wild - Vis

91 Sam Bartlett

92 Liam Bartlett

93 Lewis Godfrey

100 Karl Toole

103 Jack Deacon Wild - TSR

127 Phil Markham

164 Gary Shaw

171 Tommy West Jnr Wild - Vis

174 Dave Osbourn Wild -  TSR

182 Reece Tingle

185 Polly Reade

201 Phil Milner

211 Jamie Pole

211 Dennis Vorkink

222 Colin Riddell

226 Brian Youngson GMP

229 Dean Jarvis Wild TSR

229 Sean Riddell

246 Aston Burt Wild – TSR

267 Martin French

281 Lewis Tingle

288 Carl Sowter

333 Matt Thomas

334 Stephen Court

355 Martin Mullins

396 Callum Woods Wild TSR

467 Carl Sewell Wild - TSR

479 Joel Allen

513 Sean Harvey

556 Matt Tillow

590 Micky Galloway

622 Stu Davies

660 Gavin Dampney

661 Shaun Smith

721 Dan Clarke Wild TSR

746 Tony Jarvis

751 Lawrence Wells

768 Danny Mcsweeney

820 Martyn Perkins Spede

883 Jack Filmer Wild TSR

901 Jake Westlake

908 Lewis Judd



2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars

The full booking list can be found here.


Meeting format

(subject to change/ available cars)

1) 2L Stock Car White & Yellows
2) Unlimited Banger Last Chance 1
3) Unlimited Banger Last Chance 2 (Subject to cars)
4) 2L Stock Car Heat 1
5) Unlimited Banger World of Shale Championship
6) Unlimited Banger All Comers 1
7) 2L Stock Car Heat 2
8) Unlimited Banger All Comers 2
9) 2L Stock Car Jack Dain Trophy
10) Unlimited Banger All Comer3 & Destruction Derby


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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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