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    • Unlimited Banger East Anglian, 2L Stock Cars & 1300cc Stock Cars

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Trackstar Racing | News | Sat 8 Sept (5pm) Preview

Latest Results

  • Saturday 06 April

    Saturday 06 April

    MK1 Almera/ All Sunny Bangers: 390 David Gibson, Micro Bangers: 830 Lee White, Junior Bangers: 449 Bradley Green

    Updated: 13 Apr 2019 10:46

  • Saturday 30 March

    Saturday 30 March

    BriSCA F1 Stock Cars: 445 Nigel Green, 2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars: 610 Trent Arthurton, BriSCA MiniStox: 1 Jack Witts

    Updated: 04 Apr 2019 00:22

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    • Saturday 20 April - 17:30
    • Unlimited Banger East Anglian, 2L Stock Cars & 1300cc Stock Cars
    • Monday 22 April - 13:00
    • Wacky Races - 4x4 SUV Bangers, Micro Banger Crazy Races, Reliant Robins & Siamese Bangers
    • Saturday 27 April - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars WCQR, 2L Stock Cars English Champ & F2 Heritage
    • Monday 06 May - 13:00
    • 1500cc Bangers, 2L Banger Bandit Memorial, Reliant Robins & Ramp Rollover

Latest Points

Sat 8 Sept (5pm) Preview



Unlimited Banger World of Shale

2L Stock Car Bumper Trophy

Roll of Honour

Free Funfair Ride

Admission - advance E tickets are highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format


Mark Paulson Preview



The biggest title contested by Unlimited Bangers on shale takes place at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, on Saturday 8 September (5pm), with twin gold stripes on offer to the World of Shale champion. bumper-bashing action comes from the mighty two-litre Saloon Stock Cars for whom the Bumper Trophy is up for grabs.


There are currently 119 Unlimited Bangers and 36 2L Stock Cars booked in to race






Drivers please note that the pits open at 2pm and your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. 

Unlimited Bangers

The massive entry of Unlimiteds is headed by defending champion 22 Dave Vincent. It took many years for the Brandon driver to add this particular title to his bulging cv, and so he was delighted to do so last year, particularly at the wheel of an old favourite Mk2 Granada – it was the first time a ‘Granny’ had been driven to the title since 2010.

22 win final ac

22 Dave Vincent added the World of Shale title to his bulging cv last year

Three-time WoS champion 160 Shayn Winsor (whose titles span an incredible 25 years) is keen to lift the crown for a record fourth time, while 321 Andrew Newton will repeat his biggest success in racing, and there are plenty more former champions among in the field.

321 win dw

321 Andy Newton is one of several former champions in the field

World champion 247 Lee Clarke is a former winners seeded to the big race, but 88 Lyndon Stark, 119 Davey Cox and 269 Dean French will have to qualify via the last-chance race if they are to add to their previous titles.

88 a

Former Champion 88 Lyndon Stark will have to qualify through the last chance race if he is to add to his previous title

Trackstar top dog 830 Lee White hasn’t had the greatest success in Unlimiteds at King’s Lynn, so will be aiming to prove he is a true allrounder with a good showing in the WoS, while former 1300cc stock car world champion 333 Daniel Weavers also represents the home promotion.

830 ac (2) 

830 Lee White will be on of the home promotions top chances of getting a good result in the big race.

Leader of the Entertainers’ League 178 Kieran Bowman and former winner of that title 791 Nicky Young are likely to join wildcard entries 388 Taylor Sowter, 455 Ricki Finneyand brothers 883 Jakc and 884 Tom Filmer as names that will spice up the action. While some of those could challenge for the win in the right circumstances, they are more likely to be intent on entertaining the large crowd.


The qualification of 388 Taylor Sowter plus several other drivers know for their entertaining style is bound to spice up the race

Top visiting drivers with their eyes on the trophy include locally based 673 Darren Fendley (representing Mildenhall), Startrax man 267 Martin French and Autospeed’s teen sensation 907 Cameron Bradford. Incarace’s 309 Michael Lane knows how to win big races too, but may – like Bradford – suffer for his limited shale experience.


Furthest travelled visiting drivers are 166 William Ogilby and 388 Steve McGrath who will make the journey across the Irish Sea to a venue where they are no strangers.

388 mb (3)

Ireland's 388 Stevo McGrath will be one of the furthest travelled drivers

Other likely contenders include a couple of drivers who – surprisingly – will have to negotiate the last-chance qualifier, 326 Shane Lynn and 898 Andy Battle.

898 884 ac

898 Andy Battle will be a top contender should he be able to negotiate the last chance qualifier

Brothers 262 Buddy and 362 Jonny James again make the long journey from Devon, and are sure to put on a great show, with both seeded entry into the big race. 741 Paul Smaldon makes a similar trek and is certain to get stuck into some heavy action as are the Bears’ 43 Luke Maynard, 321 Kieran Fry and 831 Shane Fry, northern star 01 Kyle Shires and the Wild Boyz’ 43 Nicky Bishop.


Two-Litre Saloon Stock Cars

Fresh from being crowned world champion at the same track, 157 Max Stott will be sporting the gold roof. It’s fair to say that until August’s big race, Stott hadn’t been having the best of seasons on shale. But it all came good when it mattered most, and now Stott will be out to show that he truly belongs in the formula’s elite.

157 a

World Champion 157 Max Stott returns to the venue where he won the World title last month

Fellow champions 116 Diggy Smith (European), 349 Michael Allard (World of Shale and UK) and 730 Deane Mayes (British) are part of a star-studded line-up for the popular Bumper Trophy which both 26 Tommy Barnes and 214 Tom Yould will both be aiming to win for a second time.

349 537 dw

349 Michael Allard is part of a star studded line up

Mayes may well be looking for revenge on 570 Simon Venni who, as a backmarker, removed him from the lead of the World Final. Barnes could also be on several people’s hit-list – and vice versa – after a bruising Steve Newman Memorial meeting.

26 dw

26 Tommy Barnes was in the middle of the action at the World Final weekend

Track championship leader 306 Daniel Parker and world championship podium finishers 641 Willie Skoyles Jr and long-distance traveller 600 Barry Russell will all be in action two weeks before the inaugural National Series, for which they have qualified along with the aforementioned champions and 399 Cole Atkins, kicks off at the same venue.

306 270 dw

306 Daniel Parker will be looking to extend his lead at the top of the King's Lynn track championship

There is a rare outing for 149 Jamie Sampson, who will be one to watch alongside his brother Lee (428), while 120 Luke Dorling and 316 Danny McCluskey will aim to continue the good form they showed over World Final weekend.

120 dw

120 Luke Dorling showed fantastic form over the World Final weekend - can he continue it on Saturday?


Roll of Honour

Unlimited Bangers World of Shale

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
1990 Mildenhall 160 Shayn Winsor
1991 Boston 160 Shayn Winsor
1992 Boston 732 Paul Picton 134 Gary Madgwick 86 Charlie Haller
1993 Boston 811 Pete Winter
1994 King's Lynn 58 Steve Lumley 555 Sam Gelsthorp 686 Andy Webster
1995 King's Lynn 66 Dave Ivatt 16 Mick Sage 119 Davey Cox
1996 King's Lynn 541 Luke Parfitt 398 Julian Watson 88 Alan Read
1997 Skegness 397 Stuart Sandell 55 Mick Ivatt 536 Annette Nicholls
1998 Skegness 322 Shaun Williams 88 Alan Read 17 Jack Overy
1999 King's Lynn 811 Pete Winter 88 Alan Read 120 Shane Brown
2000 King's Lynn 209 Andy Brough 617 Jack Overy 536 Annette Nicholls
2001 King's Lynn 617 Jack Overy 97 Dave Allen 348 Sonny Sherwood
2002 King's Lynn 312 Tom Reynolds 88 Alan Read 811 Pete Winter
2003 King's Lynn 321 Andy Newton 789 Rob Taylor 443 Dave Harvey
2004 King's Lynn 175 Karl Corsby 920 James Medley 998 Wayne Cottrill Jr
2005 not held
2006 King's Lynn 86 Charles Haller 763 John Sturman 292 Keith Saunders
2007 King's Lynn 40 Lester Freestone 789 Rob Taylor 51 John Worstencroft
2008 King's Lynn 348 Sonny Sherwood 209 Andy Brough 266 Callum Hall
2009 King's Lynn 269 Dean French 724 Mark Puddiphatt 51 John Worstencroft
2010 King's Lynn 474 Matty Threlkeld 160 Shayn Winsor 269 Dean French
2011 King's Lynn 450 Glyn Platts 67 Mark Whittaker 124 Carl Korszewski
2012 King's Lynn 837 Martin Wesby 617 Jack Overy 321 Andy Newton
2013 King's Lynn 247 Lee Clarke 898 Andy Battle 673 Darren Fendley
2014 King's Lynn 148 Ian Redden 160 Shayn Winsor 247 Lee Clarke
2015 King's Lynn 160 Shayn Winsor 247 Lee Clarke 17 Kyle Overy
2016 King's Lynn 88 Lyndon Stark 830 Lee White 382 Jack Foster Jr
2017 King's Lynn 22 Dave Vincent 757 Callum Gill 597 Andy Ashman

Bumper Trophy

Year Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
2007 King's Lynn 115 Scott Aldridge 176 Murray Jones 156 Darren Goudy
2008 King's Lynn 156 Darren Goudy 512 Darren Barnett 557 John Banwell
2009 King's Lynn 149 Jamie Sampson 570 Simon Venni 428 Lee Sampson
2010 King's Lynn 120 Shane Brown 641 Willie Skoyles Jr 499 David Aldous
2011 King's Lynn 428 Lee Sampson 191 Shaun McMillan 360 Carl Waterfield
2012 King's Lynn 499 David Aldous 728 Kris Woods 538 Jake Swann
2013 King's Lynn 26 Tommy Barnes 18 Jamie Clayton 570 Simon Venni
2014 King's Lynn 511 Craig Barnett 131 Timmy Barnes 156 Darren Goudy
2015 King's Lynn 214 Tom Yould 538 Jake Swann 428 Lee Sampson
2016 King's Lynn 499 David Aldous 6 Simon Welton 217 Sid Madgwick
2017 King's Lynn 420 Ivan Street 499 David Aldous 148 Ian Redden


Funfair Rides

All the fun of the fair will be at King's Lynn on Saturday. The good news for mum and dad is that the ride will be free for the kids to go on as often as they like! With us on Saturday is the giant Kids Crazy Fun House.


 fun house



On the day admission is as follows;

Adult - £18

OAP - £15

12-15 year old - £7

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & upto 3 x 12 - 15 year olds) - £47

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended


Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue.


Drivers Booked in to Race


A full list of 2L Stock Car Drivers can be found here 


Unlimited Bangers

World Champion - Gold Roof
247 Lee Clarke Norwich
National Points Champion - Silver Rof
830 Lee "Stretch" White  Saffron Walden
Sponsored by C W Fabrications
World of Shale Champion - Twin Gold Stripes
22 Dave "Vinno" Vincent Brandon
Superstar - Red Roof & Flashing Lights
88 Lyndon "Fatface" Stark Boston
209 Tom Waller Shoeburyness
382 Jack Foster Worksop
Star Grade - Red Roof
82 Tom Foster
160 Shayn Winsor Wymondham
175 Karl Corsby Newmarket
Sponsored by Premier Tyres
262 Buddy James Exeter
271 Dean Goodearl London
326 Shane Lynn Attleborough
327 Micky Makell Jnr
362 Jonny James Exeter
455 Ricki Finney Sheffield
673 Darren Fendley King's Lynn
898 Andy Battle Beccles
Sponsored by Banger Bits
A Grade - Blue Roof
9 Tom Jordan Sheffield
77 Russell "The Jack" Gill King's Lynn
Sponsored by Pure Hocus Pocus
136 Adrian "Junior" Court Corby
155 Sam "Captain Slow" Coote Dersingham
Sponsored by R Ward Vehicle & Machinery Repairs - 01485 544154
221 Jordan Storr Boston
257 Timmy Aldridge Cheltenham
267 James Steel London
309 Michael Lane Ipswich
333 Dan "Cuddles" Weavers Norwich
Sponsored by Valley Services
400 Lee Kingsnorth Woolpit
597 Andy Ashman Halstead
623 Ricky Hutton London
791 Nicky "Spud" Young Wisbech
821 Ryan "Dangerous" Preston Norwich
Sponsored by Take my Scrap Car 
UK Champion - Union Jack
165 Ben Randall Great Yarmouth
Sponsored by S Randall Recovery Services
B Grade - Yellow Roof
1 Kyle Shires Sheffield
3 Mitchell Finney Dinnington
27 Will Longford Boston
Sponsored by A Woods Agricultural Engineers
43 Luke Maynard Crawley
43 Nicky "Bish" Bishop Crowle
78 Lee "Mad Mace" Macey Sittingbourne
100 Callum "The Cock" White Peterborough
103 Jack Deacon Canvey Island
Sponsored by ARA Tyres
128 Andrew "Shippy" Shipp Ugley
Sponsored by MARFAB Welding - 01279 810830 & RJB Commercials 01799 732343
141 Gary Lee Sandwich
178 Kieran "Slim" Bowman Walpole St Peter
Sponsored by The Tyre Bay - 01553 771630
180 Mark Foster
185 Polly Read Garveston
241 Liam Cracknell Ringwood
267 Martin French Taunton
269 Dean French Coventry
288 Carl Sowter East Grinstead
Sponsored by Mark Furlong Plumbing & Heating
321 Andrew Newton Boston
Sponsored by Paul Riddell Skips Ltd, Horncastle
342 Ryley Freestone King's Lynn
355 Martin Mullins Wolverhampton
356 Harry Overy Lakenheath
388 Taylor "Lump" Sowter Horley
Sponsored by AS Auto Refinishing
399 Jonny Atkins
548 Alex "Big-Al" Utting Long Strattan
Sponsored by All Parts Salvage
622 Garry Webb Wokingham
634 Ben "Marty" Green  Terrington St John
714 Paul Smalden Taunton
787 Marc Key Bristol
907 Cameron Bradford Taunton
C Grade - White Roof 
10 Ben Collins Norwich
13 Malcolm Gilbert Coventry
16 Dan "Popeye" Fisher Wisbech
16 Jamie Cox Sheffield
18 Ashley Law Birmingham
21 Gav Robinson Derby
24 Connor "Sticks" Kelly-Ratcliffe Worthing
52 Steve Dean Scunthorpe
52 Reece Needs Lowestoft
53 Luke Needs Lowestoft
57 Mark Gilbert Coventry
60 Kyle Stevenson Sheffield
87 Damien "Damo" Matthews Bury St Edmunds
Sponsored by This and That Crane Hire
88 Billy Page Horley
91 Sam Bartlett Weymouth
92 Liam Bartlett Weymouth
99 Scott Gough Rotherham
115 James Martin Milton Keynes
127 Phil "The Ginge" Markham Rotherham
164 Gary Shaw Wolverhampton
166 William Ogilby Portadown
170 Darren Teal Northampton
200 Steve Farrell Stoke
204 Charlie King Burgess Hill
205 Reece Moran Darlaston
246 Aston Burt Poole
268 Brad French Coventry
269 Tom Morris Doncaster
276 Adam Rowell Southampton
Sponsored by PRE 75 Car Spares - 07721 631665
279 Shaun Brokenshire London
281 Lewis Tingle Sheffield
316 James Cushion Kettering
317 Callum Jacobs Ipswich
321 Kieran "Chatty Man" Fry Bletchingley
326 Ryan Moran Wolverhampton
329 Michael Carter Milton Keynes
349 James "Lightbulb" Guppy Southampton
364 Nathan Olden Romsey
372 Jay Matthews Devon
388 Steve McGrath Dublin
396 Callum "Ginner Jnr" Roberts Derby
Sponsored by Mainline Ford Spares
460 Luke "Tonguey" Tongue Dinnington
Sponsored by J&L Smart Repairs
556 Louie Barker
591 Jack Giddings Peterborough
622 Stu Davies Swindon
661 Shaun Smith Peterborough
662 Dalton Smith Peterborough
751 Lawrence Wells London
753 Billy Cunningham Wisbech
812 Lewis Winter Hessle
Sponsored by Wincolmlee Tyres
817 Kurt Jacobs Ipswich
822 Alan Webb Cambridge
828 Jordan Sharpe Scunthorpe
831 Shane "Wally" Fry Bletchingley
Sponsored by DD Services Ltd - 01883 744150
841 Phil Jennings London
883 Jack "Chunk" Filmer Lewes
Sponsored by S J Fencing
884 Tom Filmer Lewes
Sponsored by S J Fencing
960 Ross Winsor Wymondham
Sponsored by Valley Services



Meeting Format

1.      2L Stock Car White & Yellow Final

2.      Unlimited Banger Last Chance 1

3.      Unlimited Banger Last Chance 2

4.      2L Stock Car Bumper Trophy Final

5.      Unlimited Banger World of Shale Final

6.      Unlimited Banger All Comers 1

7.      2L Stock Car All Comers 1

8.   Unlimited Banger All Comers 2

9.   2L Stock Car All Comers 2

10.   Unlimited Banger All Comers 3 & Destruction Derby





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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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