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  • Sunday 19 January

    Sunday 19 January

    Unlimited Bangers: 627 Terry Coke. Icebreaker Champions: Team Extreme A. Icebreaker Entertainers: Predators A. Report now added.

    Updated: 24 Jan 2020 11:44

  • Sunday 29 December

    Sunday 29 December

    Micro Bangers: 51 James Licquorice. F2 Stock Cars: 995 Michael Lund. 2L Saloons: 26 Tommy Barnes

    Updated: 30 Dec 2019 23:18

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Sun 4th August (1pm) Preview


Unlimited Bangers

2Litre Bangers

Micro Bangers

UK Modifieds

Free Funfair Ride - Please be advised there is no funfair at this meeting.

Admission - advance E tickets are highly recommended!

Drivers Booked to Race

Meeting Format




Banger Racing takes centre stage on Sunday 4 August (1pm) where three classes of National Bangers - the Unlimited Bangers, 2L Bangers and Micro Bangers are all in action together with the fantastic UK Modifieds. Destruction will be the name of the game on Sunday with every class of Bangers completing the action with a Destruction Derby! A last minute change from the expected format where we were due to host the annual Head to Head – but this won’t be taking place as Mildenhall could not get the numbers of cars required.

A great meeting ahead and the drivers will be doing their best to put on a show regardless with some wild card places up for grabs to some of our biggest races in 2019 and 2020.   

Spectator gates will open 2 hours before start time. The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under-cover viewing too!), free on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities.

Please note that all bags will be searched on entry and coolboxes, glass and alcohol are not allowed to be bought into the venue


There are currently 25 Unlimited Bangers, 28 2 Litre Bangers, 38 Micro Bangers and 10 UK Modifieds booked in to race.


If you are booked in and are no longer able to race please let us know asap. If you are not booked in and would like to race please book in asap by texting 07939 580652, drivers turning up not booked in to race will not receive complimentary admissions which they may be entitled to.

Drivers please note that the pits open at 10am and your early arrival will be appreciated. Drivers turning up in the last hour could well find themselves missing their first race. Please note you will not be able to save space in the pits and if you want to park with someone please make sure you turn up with them. Only race transporters will be allowed in the pits


Unlimited Bangers

In the Unlimited Bangers, a number of top drivers will be sure to keep the wrecking going Callum White (100), Jackson Whitehead (330) and Callum Roberts (396) particularly no stranger to putting the hits about. Not forgetting Taylor Sowter (388) who is in command of the Entertainers League this season and likely to look to want to increase that lead.

195 388

Lots of crashing is the norm with Taylor Sowter (388)!

Ricky Hutton (623) will visit and also no stranger of getting in the mix of the action, he took a very wrecked machine home earlier in the year!

Jack Deacon (103), Wayne Bailey (149), Tommy Callaghan (299) and Michael Carter (329) are great all round racers who will happily get stuck in too.

178 623

Ricky Hutton (623) is sure to be involved on the action!

The Unlimited Bangers will see the winner of the final plus top 3 meeting entertainers go to this year's unlimited World of Shale on Saturday 7th September in Wild Card places.


2 Litre Bangers

In the 2 Litre Bangers another good mix of wreckers and racers join the line up, with some of the best Mondeo pilots in the country joining us. James Licquorice (51), Callum White (100) and Kieran Bowman (178) are normally a force to be reckoned with on their day, particularly in their favoured Banger class.

Turn 4

Action aplenty in the 2 Litre Bangers!

John Reeves (188) is a very capable racing driver, but also handy entertainer too when the opportunity presents itself. Stu Carman (841) and Tyler Reid (843) will be looking to get stuck in too and both have been excellent to watch Mondeo drivers on previous outings. Lester (40) and Wes Freestone (340) add to a great line up – Wes winner of the Bandit Memorial knows how to get a car around King’s Lynn quickly.


Will there be any cars going home like this on Sunday?

The return! The man, the myth, the legend - Trackstar’s own Matt Black (25) returns to racing action on the King’s Lynn shale and we are looking forward to seeing how he goes.

The 2Litre Bangers will see the winner of the final plus top 3 meeting entertainers go to the 2020 World Final.



Micro Bangers

They might be the smallest bangers of the meeting, but the Micros won’t be the smallest on action, over 30 cars scheduled for battle.



Expect Taylor Sowter (388) to be putting more hits about this Sunday!

A good number of regular Micro Banger pilots will be joining us; Aaron Mann (143), Olly Scott (339), Jack Licquorice (511) Matt Tillow (556) and Cameron Hubbard (624) – all very handy racers on their day

Jamie Blything (248), Josh Stewart (334) and Ryley Frestone (342) also booked in, all have been in the winners circle at King’s Lynn this season and looking for more success. 

412 582

Callum Lacey (412) usually gets stuck in on the action

A full field wreckers though will join the line up; including Jon Bailey (247), Callum Lacey (412) and Ryan Sutcliffe (664) who have claimed many entertainer awards between them. Mackenzie Whitehead (331), Taylor Sowter (388) and Fabian Leathers-Ashley (808) also very likely to be getting stuck in too!

The Micro Bangers will see the winner of the final plus top 3 meeting entertainers go to the Micro UK Final in September.

51 43 247 974

Non-stop action in the Micro Bangers


UK Modifieds

We welcome back the UK Modifieds, a couple of years since they have raced with us – non contact racing, but fast American style Modified machines that will be rapid around the raceway. We might just hit double figures of entrants – which given they are a last minute addition is a great showing from them – thank you.


We look forward to having the UK Modifieds back with us

We look forward to some of the top drivers from the class including Simon Panton (28) – who was a regular racer here in his F1 Stock Car days - Alan Scothern (45) and Colin Bunyard (306) joining us.

It will be another excellent afternoon of action all round from these four classes - not to be missed!


Fun Fair

Please be advised we will not have a kids fun fair ride at this meeting, sorry for any inconvenience/ disappointment this may cause.



On the day admission at the Box Office (Cash and Card payments accepted):

Adult - £18

OAP/ Concession - £15

12-15 year old - £7

Kids up to 11 free

Family (2 adults & upto 3 x  12 - 15 year olds) - £47

Click here to save money and beat the queues with advance discount tickets - Highly recomended - Available until 10pm Saturday 3rd August 



Drivers Booked in to Race 


Unlimited Bangers

77 Russell Gill

78 Lee Macey

88 Lyndon Stark

100 Callum White

103 Jack Deacon

115 James Martin

149 Wayne Bailey

246 Aston Burt

299 Tommy Callaghan

327 Mickey Maskell

329 Michael Carter

330 Jackson Whitehead

386 Dan Petters

388 Taylor Sowter

396 Callum Roberts

461 Danny Jenkins

623 Ricky Hutton

661 Shaun Smith

662 Dalton Smith

673 Darren Fendley

721 Dan Clarke

757 Callum Gill

830 Lee White

883 Jack Filmer

884 Tom Filmer


2L Bangers

10 Matthew Ford

13 Alex Exton

25 Matt Black

40 Lester Freestone

51 James Licquorice

87 Damien Matthews

138 Jason Smy

170 Darren Teal

178 Kieran Bowman

188 John Reeves

194 Daniel Cowell

215 Callum Gould

227 Chris Horton

261 Dom Davies

337 Ashley Garrod

340 Wes Freestone

503 Darren Maltby

506 Danny Mitchell

519 Lee Middleton

551 Brett Jackson

557 Liam Jaggard

622 Stu Davies

785 Dom Ambrose

800 Leigh Neary

830 Lee White

841 Stu Carman

843 Tyler Reid

870 Mark Spicer



Micro Bangers

17 Shane Heath

44 Charlie Sime

69 Brad Bartram

71 James Unwin

72 Billy Bond

77 Russell Gill

88 Lyndon Stark

99 Shady Gough

101 Cieran Harmer

123 Kieran Gray

143 Aaron Mann

182 Reece Tingle

247 Jon Bailey

248 Jamie Blything

248 Nick Ashbridge

312 Paul Fayers

321 Marcus Skeels

331 Mackenzie Whitehead

334 Josh Stewart

339 Olly Scott

342 Ryley Freestone

388 Taylor Sowter

412 Callum Lacey

419 Laura Quadling

420 Mathew Jode

468 Justin Misson

511 Jack Licquorice

551 Brett Jackson

556 Matt Tillow

624 Cameron Hubbard

634 Ben Green

664 Ryan Sutcliffe

696 Jamie Webster

757 Callum Gill

808 Fabian Leathers-Ashley

830 Lee White

908 Lewis Judd

910 Jack Rookard

919 Liam Cooley


UK Modifieds

28 Simon Panton

43 Ken Edwards

45 Alan Scothern

70 Brent Russell

85 Ben White

91 Shaun Tarlton

97 Murray Harrison

235 Bradley Blyth

306 Colin Bunyard

885 Dave Tomlinson



Meeting format

(subject to change)


Will be added in due course



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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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