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    • Unlimited Banger East Anglian, 2L Stock Cars & 1300cc Stock Cars

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Trackstar Racing | News | Trackstar Vs Mildenhall Head to Head - Sat 15 Sept

Latest Results

  • Saturday 06 April

    Saturday 06 April

    MK1 Almera/ All Sunny Bangers: 390 David Gibson, Micro Bangers: 830 Lee White, Junior Bangers: 449 Bradley Green

    Updated: 13 Apr 2019 10:46

  • Saturday 30 March

    Saturday 30 March

    BriSCA F1 Stock Cars: 445 Nigel Green, 2 Litre Saloon Stock Cars: 610 Trent Arthurton, BriSCA MiniStox: 1 Jack Witts

    Updated: 04 Apr 2019 00:22

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    • Saturday 20 April - 17:30
    • Unlimited Banger East Anglian, 2L Stock Cars & 1300cc Stock Cars
    • Monday 22 April - 13:00
    • Wacky Races - 4x4 SUV Bangers, Micro Banger Crazy Races, Reliant Robins & Siamese Bangers
    • Saturday 27 April - 17:30
    • F1 Stock Cars WCQR, 2L Stock Cars English Champ & F2 Heritage
    • Monday 06 May - 13:00
    • 1500cc Bangers, 2L Banger Bandit Memorial, Reliant Robins & Ramp Rollover

Latest Points

Trackstar Vs Mildenhall Head to Head - Sat 15 Sept

This Saturday we are away from home at Mildenhall Stadium for the return leg of the Trackstar Mafia Vs Mildenhall Fen Tigers Head to Head; 5pm Start time.

The 2017 staging was a brutal event with Trackstar coming out on top with victory.

The meeting will see two teams of 80 National Bangers made up of 30 Micro Bangers, 30 2L Bangers and 20 Unlimited Bangers in a straight forward head to head, in which will see only the winner of each race and destruction derby score points for their team so in a meeting where finishing second counts for nothing some exciting action is guaranteed as the two respective teams battle to get their car to the chequered flag and to do what they can to stop the opposition winning!

The winning team will receive £500 for its chosen charity and the other team £250 for it’s chosen charity.


Drivers - important information added below. 


Please find below the teams list:


Trackstar Mafia:


3 Mitchell Finney

13 Morgen McCarthy

36 Ricky Lewis

37 David Lewis

43 Luke Maynard

65 Chris Hornbrook

78 Lee Macey

101 Kieran Harmer

110 Brett Judge

121 Aarron Colbert

123 Kieran Gray

135 Aaron Mann

155 Sam Coote

165 Ben Randell

175 Karl Corsby

247 Jon Bailey

248 Jamie Blything

291 Jack Giddings

321 Kieron Fry

352 Ben Mynott

404 Luke Brinton

412 Callum Lacey

452 Paul Sweet

460 Luke Tongue

511 Jack Licqourice

512 Matt Armstrong

556 Matt Titlow

566 Tony Pallett

619 Bradley Tomlinson

634 Ben Green

662 Stuart Davis

887 Liam Stark

908 Lewis Judd


2 litre Bangers


27 Terry King

41 Lee Barnes

51 James Licquorice

87 Damien Matthews 

100 Callum White

136 Adrian Court

138 Jason Smy

157 Domie Hall

170 Darren Teal

178 Kieran Bowman

188 John Reeves

201 Phil Milner

212 Jack Maryon

261 Dom Davies

285 Sean Dyer

299 Tommy Callaghan

349 Lewis Price

431 Scott Munson

441 Lee Horwood

444 Charlie Jackson

467 Martin Baxter

479 Joel Allen

517 Sidney Cooper

519 Lee Middleton

508 Harry Bradbury

541 Kieran Francis

577 Scott Graves

604 Ross Cooper

612 Daniel Loades

664 Aarron Challis

785 Dom Ambrose

830 Lee White

841 Stuart Carmen


Unlimited Bangers


 22 Dave Vincent

43 Nicky Bishop

78 Lee Macey

88 Billy Page

103 Jack Deacon

132 Robert James

160 Shayn Winsor

230 Dean Mouljord

329 Michael Carter

388 Taylor Sowter

513 Shaun Harvey

514 Charlie Taylor

517 Sidney Cooper

579 Gary Beecham

597 Andy Ashman

602 Shaun Cooper

661 Shaun Smith

662 Dalton Smith

898 Andrew Battle

901 Jake Westlake

960 Ross Winsor





3    Toby Bond
7    Daniel Bitson
24    Andy Skeels
29    David Mawdsey
46    Kelvin Nicholls
47    Archie Butts
61    Dom Boden
72    Billy Bond
75    Ryan Hensby
84    Jack Ansell
109    Andrew Malloy
112    Daz Pretage
113    Lee Waller
114    Adam Jackson
116    Tom McKenzie
117    Terry Bradley
124    Ollie Skeels
132    Shane Sutton
246    Jimmy Butts
269    Daniel Wilkinson
274    Leo Bond
282    Rhys Waters
321    Marcus Skeels
338    Terry Garrod
375    Alex Hensby
379    Brandon Kevern
388    Emmo Fairweather
467    Mark Studd
513    Steve Gallagher
524    Kevin Swift
661    Aaron Harris
840    Dan Waddington
990    Phil Bassett



11    James Spriggs
16    Jack Wheatley
52    Reece Needs
53    Luke Needs
91    Ben Lawerence
95    Lewis Armstrong
108    Lewis Jefcoate
127    Mark Challis
141    Gary Lee
159    Carl Scarrow
174    Dave Osbourn
179    Jamie Lee Phillips
247    Lee Clarke
267    James Steele
271    Dean Goodearl
317    Calu Jacobs
326    Shane Lynn
328    Dan Lathan
338    Terry Garrod
339    Jack Garrod
402    Charlie Callard
449    Billy Critterden
515    Gareth Flatters
557    Liam Jaggard
592    Mark Marchant
623    Ricky Hutton
699    Aaron Nelson
817    Kurt Jacobs
859    Terry Archer
913    Brett Osbourne
990    Glenn Civil



16    Jamie Cox
17    Kyle Overy
67    Rickie Beasley
77    Patxi Beasley
85    James Ellis
90    Adrian Harbord
146    Daniel Wigman
273    Kevin McClagish
326    Shane Lynn
327    Mick Maskell
328    Dan Lathan
433    Ben Smith
548    Alex Utting
625    Josh Gooch
632    Callum Reed
760    Joey Renyolds
932    Rhys Reed


Key Information

There will be 2 windows for signing in on Sat the window facing out towards the pits will be for Mildenhall Fentigers and the window facing towards the burger van will be for Trackstar Mafia, please make sure you all have your licence and £2 orc money ready.

Pit Office will be open from 12.
Scrutineering will start between 1-1:30.
You will be directed as to where you will be scrutineered.


1.    Micro Heat 1 20 vs 20 – 12 Laps
2.    Mondeo Heat 1 20 vs 20 – 12 Laps
3.    Unlimited Heat 1 All in – 12 Laps
4.    Micro Heat 2 20 vs 20 – 12 Laps
5.    Mondeo Heat 2 20 vs 20 – 12 Laps
6.    Unlimited Heat 2 All in – 12 Laps
7.    Micro Heat 3 20 vs 20 – 12 Laps
8.    Mondeo Heat 3 20 vs 20 – 12 Laps
9.    Unlimited Final into DD all in – 12 Laps – Stop – DD 
10.    Micro Final into DD All in – 12 Laps – Stop – DD 
11.    Mondeo Final into DD All in – 12 Laps – Stop – DD

General Racing Rules

• Each team will have a driver’s representative (this may be the captain or another nominated person), if a driver has an issue then they must see their rep, the rep will then adjudicate and if they decide it worthy they will then take the driver to the box and talk to the steward. Drivers must NOT go to the box without their respective representative, this will incur penalty points.
• Drivers will have passed scrutineering by taken all the necessary legal equipment with them, anyone turning up in pit lane or being found on track with illegal equipment will be loaded for the meeting.
• Please make sure you have your ticket to go out on track – NO TICKET NO RACE.
• Cars will be lined up with teams alternating inside and outside as the cars come out on track. i.e. like Civil War.
• Unless you are involved in an accident resulting in the race being stopped for you and you are injured, or your car is on fire, YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR CAR. If we have a race stoppage and you are on the track then you may exit your car after all the other cars have stopped and whilst the race is stopped, anyone getting out of their race vehicle during the racing or whilst they are on the centre (this includes the concrete and whilst a race is stopped) will be called to Race Control with the steward and their rep and may be loaded.
• Your conduct under RED flags will be watched very carefully. The requirement under RED flags is wherever possible to stop within ¼ lap and THEN STAY STOPPED – DO NOT KEEP CIRCULATING. Failure to do so will see you excluded from the race.
• The concrete around the inside of the track is classed as infield, any deliberate hit on a car that has 4 wheels on this area will see the driver loaded and possibly banned.
• Do not race on the concrete, persistent use or any use that gains you an advantage will incur a black cross and a 2-place penalty. A track blockage will see this rule relaxed should the only way through be by using the concrete
• There must be no T-bones on or near the fence; this will incur a load up and potentially a ban.
• If you turn around it must be from outside in, and if you do turn around YOU are responsible for making sure your hit is legal! Any contact with the driver’s side will see the driver loaded and possibly banned. There are no excuses!
• If a driver turns around it must be done in either of the layby’s or on the bends, if a driver turns around on the back straight they must attack on the roadside bend, if a driver turns around on the home straight then they must attack on the pit bend, there must be no full length of the straight attacks whilst a driver is on opposite, if a driver is seen doing this they will be loaded and may be banned.
• If a race is stopped because a driver is injured they must be cleared to race by the medical staff
• Should a driver be knocked out during the meeting then they will not be allowed to continue racing
• If a driver needs a little longer to fix their car to get out for a race please speak to a pit marshal who will communicate with the steward and we will give you time IF we can. This does not count for the first set of heats

• There will be 100 points available on all of the heats. The finals and Destruction Derbies will all score 200 points for the winner - Winner takes all – Meaning a total of 2000 points is on offer
• Should a race go down to last car running, they will receive the 100 points – When it is deemed a driver is the last car running there will then be 2 minutes for any other cars to start up, should the last car running expire in those 2 minutes then the points will be split.
• Should there be no finishers - points will be split 50-50. If A Destruction Derby is declared a draw the points will be split between the drivers.
• A load up will see a deduction of 50 points per offence.
• Any driver going to the box without their representative will be deducted 50 points.
• All cars must be painted in their respective teams’ colours, any cars not being painted correctly will have a point deducted from their teams’ total.
• Car Swapping – 200 Points – (100 for each driver)






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img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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