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    • Next Meeting: Saturday 18 August - 5pm
    • 2L Stock Car World Championship Final & All Bluebird / Calibra / Cavalier / Primera / Carina Bangers

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Latest Results

  • Sunday 5 August

    Sunday 5 August

    Micro Bangers: 634 Ben Green, 2 Litre Bangers: 841 Stu Carmen, Junior Bangers: 608 Lennie Murkin, 1300 Stock Cars: 129 Will Morphey

    Updated: 12 Aug 2018 17:45

  • Saturday 28 July

    Saturday 28 July

    Volvo Unlimited Bangers: 155 Sam Coote, 2 Litre Stock Cars: 570 Simon Venni, Junior Bangers: 90 Joey Holmes

    Updated: 04 Aug 2018 10:53

  • Next Meetings

    • Saturday 18 August - 5pm
    • 2L Stock Car World Championship Final & All Bluebird / Cavalier / Primera / Carina Bangers
    • Sunday 19 August - 1pm
    • 2L Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial, 1300 Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial & Pre 1990 2L Banger RWD
    • Monday 27 August - 1pm
    • Big Van Bangers Crash for Cancer III, Reliant Robin World of Shale Final & Ramp Rollover
    • Saturday 08 September - 5pm
    • Unlimited Banger World of Shale Final, 2L Stock Cars Bumper Trophy & 1500cc Bangers

Latest Points

2L Stock Car World Final & Big Banger Weekend

The 2L Stock Car World Final & Big Banger Speedweekend is a carnival celebration featuring the biggest Stock Car and Banger Racing events to take place at King's Lynn this year.

The main event takes place on Saturday 18 August (5pm) and features the 2L Stock Car World Final (FInd out the World Final grid here and read Mark Paulson's preview here)with the National Bangers in a meeting which sees a throwback to the 90s when the track was dominated by Cavaliers, Primeras, Bluebirds and Carinas before being dominated by the more modern machinery - and those four makes of cars are exactly what this meeting is open to!

Racing also takes place on Sunday 19 August and features the 2L Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial, a 2L Banger Pre 90 Rear Wheel Drive Meeting and the 1300 Stock Car Steve Newman Memorial.

If you have never been racing before and think of the phrase "Stock Car Racing", 2L Stock Cars are exactly what you will conjour up in your minds eye. Fearless warriors in high powered battered cars which engage in races where pile ups, roll overs and big crashes are all part and parcel of the on track entertainment. Where drivers who will do what they can to help each other get on track leave friendships in the pits and regardless of whether another competitors is a good friend or relative off track they are there to put in the fence like everyone else once the green flag goes down.


2L Stock Car races are full of action aplenty!

This formula has no equal in Europe for the spectacle which happens on track and many regard this as being the only true "Stock Car Formula" left which keeps close to its roots. Click here for a full history of 2L Stock Cars

A full programme of National Banger racing also takes place over the weekend that will be a little different to what we are used to with a throwback to the around twenty years ago when different "more bendable" cars ruled the raceways. Driver response to this meeting has been brilliant and with many using cars which they will have nowhere to take them after the weekend we can look forward to plenty of exciting and destructive action!

Check out the menu on the left hand side and explore all the options so you can find out what is going on in this carnival celebration. As well as a weekend of fantastic Stock Car and Banger Racing where we are currently struggling to get all the cars in the pits, there will be a free funfair on Saturday night and night time entertainment including a rated live band to help make the full weekend something which everyone will enjoy!


About Us

img1From the pure adrenaline and Unlimited Power of the F1 Stock Cars to the destruction and crazy antics of the Bangers - you can see it all at the Norfolk Arena! With up to fifty cars in every race, action is guaranteed and here at the Norfolk Arena we encourage “full contact” where spinning and hitting other cars is all part of the racing!

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